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Top 10 Best Android Games for July 2019

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We all like to sit back and relax after the day’s work. Some read books, some exercise, while many chose games to revive themselves. Addictive gamers chose more advanced technology, but for the majority, their mobiles are the main source of entertainment. Here we look at some of the best Android games that Google Play store provides us with in July 2019


PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular game around since one and half year. It was also featured on our Nov 2018 and March 2019 list of Best Android Games immensely popular game is very addictive, and the easy access to the mobile version is now attractive to many. The main theme is for players to survive through the game on a remote island, looking for weapons, scavenging for supplies, and taking down other players to win the survival race.

This online game lets users enjoy with high quality graphics and HD audio, enabling players to fight using very realistic weapons, and using cool vehicles to steer their way through. It also allows players to team up with friends for group gaming sessions.

With the high adrenaline, activity jam packed into this battle for survival, this game is one the most popular ones for gamers worldwide.

Price : Free


This is one cool strategy combat game. It involves building your own village with your friends or other players around the world, gathering your army, training them, and then going to war against other villages. It is one action packed gaming session for die hard gamers.

This is an online game and requires constant internet connection to play. The classic version allows players to build their own teams, fight against other teams, defend their own villages with a variety of weapons, fight the Goblin King, and engage in several battles with the clans.

The paid pro version has several more features.

This cool action packed mobile game is a must have for those who love battle strategy games.

Price : Free


This is the latest version in the Asphalt series. For those who prefer car racing and speed to get that adrenaline rush, this is the best choice.

This game allows you to choose between a wide range of luxury cars, including Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini. Once you choose your favourite car, you can race around awesome locations all around the world. The minutely detailed graphics and amazingly minute particle effects let you experience the real fun of fast car racing.

The coolest feature in this game is that you can build up a team with your friends, or with other fans around the world. The racing experience is one the best in this hyper-realistic arcade game available in Android.

Price : Free


Alto’s Odyssey is a relatively slow paced adventure game. The main character Alto and his friends explore the endless dessert in this android game.

The vast unknown expanse of the hot dessert sand is littered with dunes, canyons and temples. The player can tour through the amazing landscapes to reveal the dessert’s mysteries.

The game is loaded with amazing graphics and very cool soothing dessert music. It is a game perfectly suited to people who play to relax.

Price : Free


All the football fans out there, this is the perfect android game for you! It is one the most authentic football action games available on the Google Play store.

Fans of this awesome console game can now play the game on their mobiles, anywhere, anytime! This online game is jam packed with real time action, while you play football with your friends and other fans all over the globe. The live action provides the perfect solution to those looking for some football action right from their living room.

Price : Free


This one is a truly superb physics based action gameplay. You can build up fun chain reactions, alter your tactics to build up crazy stuff and do a lot more.

This online game lets you play crazy games with other players. You can challenge your opponents to crazy chain reactions, and surf your way through several lands and mysterious Badland eggs.

This game is a must-have for those looking for some crazy developmental fun. It truly is a bad land for you to enjoy!

Price : Free


This is another one of the many battle games available for android users. It involves the Royal characters from Clash of Clans, who all battle through several castles and towers, defeating the enemy and winning trophies to collect.

This cool medieval styled game has it all, kings, queens, princes, princesses, dragons, knights; the whole experience for you to enjoy.

The online feature allows to you team up with or against other players to make the game even more enjoyable.

Price : Free


This is the mobile version of the already popular Assassin’s Creed universe. It is set in Spain and is equipped with the perfect graphics and sound to make the experience all the more fun.

Players team up with other assassins in this game, powering through shared memories of past and present, to work together as a team. The aim of the game is to unite against the oppression in Spain.

This android game is best suited to players looking for strategy and detective based games.

Price : Free


Brawl stars in another of the many battle games. It allows players to transform into dozens of Brawlers to battle in single combat or as teams in the arena.

There are several game mode options for the players to enjoy. These include Gem Grab (3vs3; play in teams to earn gems), Showdown (Solo or Duo; a royal battle for survival and wining all), Bounty (3vs3; outwit your enemies to earn the most stars and win), Heist (3vs3; try to break into your enemies’ safe to win, while saving your own treasure) and Brawl Ball (3vs3; a simple football match to score more goals than your opponents).

This is an action packed game allowing teams of 3 players to defeat enemies and win. A must have for arcade gaming fans.

Price : Free

10. The Sims™ Mobile

This is the mobile version of the simulation game of the same name. It is different than the other games listed here.

Players can create their own characters; give those characters names, features, personalities, careers etc. The characters have their own worlds, where they do everyday activities, like have a job, socialise, have parties, etc.

This game is an amazing make-believe world for the players to relax and enjoy with. Very suitable for the creative minded people looking for some relaxed slow paced games.


Price : Free

There is a wide variety of games available for android users. All they have to do is open their play store, download from their favourite category and enjoy! Hope you will like our this list of Best Android Games for July 2019. Which ones do you prefer the most? Leave a comment below to find out who shares your interests.

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