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Best Home Theater Projectors (July 2019) Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Want to Purchase a Projector Home theater?

Well there are a lot of different kinds of Projectors are available in market that can be used as Projector Home Theater, School Projector or Projector for Business presentation. There are lots of different brands that provide variety of different projectors.

But You want to get a Best Projector for yourself. Right?

Here is our Home Theater Projectors Buyers Guide that will help you to choose a best Projector for yourself.

Type of Projectors

There are various kinds of projectors. They can be classified over different factors including Lumens (Brightness), Resolution, Display Type. Cost of projectors depend on these factors. For example a 1000 Lumens Projector will be cheaper than a 3200 Lumens projector

We will here inform you about different display types of Projectors

DLP projectorsLCD Projectors

DLP Projectors

DLP or Digital Light processing technique uses micro mirrors to display or project the image. Each of the micromirror has a pixel each on it. The light is passed on these mirrors and is then reflected off these mirrors to the screen.

Internal components of an old 1998 InFocus LP425z single-chip DLP projector, with a 4-segment color wheel. Interior view of a single-chip DLP projector, showing the light path. Light from the lamp enters a reverse-fisheye, passes through the spinning color wheel, crosses underneath the main lens, reflects off a front-surfaced mirror, and is spread onto the DMD (red arrows). From there, light either enters the lens (yellow) or is reflected off the top cover down into a light-sink (blue arrows) to absorb unneeded light.
Credits : Wikipedia

DLP Technology was developed in 1987 and DLP Projectors were introduced in 1997. Today almost 85 of digital cinemas use DLP Technology. DLP Projectors projects smooth image. They doesn’t display any shadow on image. Sometimes DLP Projectors may show rainbow effect. Also they are not as much bright as LCD Projectors. These are the some important points to consider while deciding to select a projector for yourself.

LCD Projectors

LCD Projectors are more advanced. These Projectors are small and compact as compared to DLP Projectors. LCD Projectors have three LCD Panels Red, Green and Blue. The light is passed through these LCD Panels. These Panels have pixels on them which are turned off and on depending on image colors and relevant colors are projected on to the screen

LCD Projectors provide best quality image. They can offer more brightness than DLP Projectors. They also provide good color saturation. But with passing time image quality may compromised. You may also find dead pixels issue with passage of time.

Overall, LCD Projectors are good and are expensive than DLP Projectors.

Best Home Theater Projector Buyer’s Guide

Here is our guide for buying best home theater Projector. There are a few things that you need to understand first before making your purchase decision about Projector home theater

If you are going to use it for single purpose home use like for watching movies at night, it is more likely that you would have less light and more darkness in your room if you close your lights. In this case any projector with even less brightness (eg 800-1000 Lumens) will be enough for you. If you are planning to use it for office work or watching movies in the day too in a room that have windows, your room probably will not have complete darkness and you would require a Projector with more brightness. We suggest at present don’t purchase any Projector with brightness less than 1200 or 1300 Lumens.

Secondly the lamp life. Many home theater Projectors are sold by advertising lamp life upto 20,000 and 30,000 hours. Check if your selected Projector lamp can really last upto 20,000 hours. Normally Projectors from big brands have a decent lamp life. Don’t Purchase any Projector with less than 5000-6000 hours lamp life

The best resolution so far is 1080p so we recommend you to buy 1080p Projetcor home theater. Next thing where you want to project picture? Either on a screen or on a wall and how big should be your picture size? Remember the bigger the screen size is more brightness you will need. If a 1600 Lumens Projectors is enough for 85″ picture you would need a 2000 Lumens or 2200 Lumens Projector for a 120″ screen.

With the Projector choice, you can buy some black curtains for your room to cover up windows. The more darkness you will have in room, the less brightness you will require

The Projector you are about to select must be a compact one that is easy to handle and easy to use. Make sure your projector comes with a remote control, that will make your life easy. Modern Projectors have support for smartphones and comes with Built in Android OS. Also check about CPU. Modern Projectors comes with Quad Core CPU. Projectors have built in Speakers. Check about their Quality.

It is important to make sure that your selected Projector comes with atleast 2 USB and 2 HDMI Ports. Check working of each port before purchasing.

These are some important things you must consider before purchasing a Home Theater Projector. Remember , you buy home theater projector for your own comfort, to watch cinema size movies in your home. A wrong selection will make you suffer.

Here are answers to some important questions  that users ask normally.

Frequently asked Questions FaQs about Home Theater Projectors
Which resolution Projector is the bestWhich is the best brightness option (Lumens) for ProjectorsHow many Lumens do I need from a projector to create a decent home theater system?What is the aspect ratio of a ProjectorWhat features should I check while buying a projector?
Which resolution Projector is the best

The resolution of a projector is basically number of pixels displayed by a Projector on the screen. There are many projectors with different resolutions are available in market. Following are most common resolutions you will find in projectors 480p, 720p, 768p and 1080p

A 1280 x 720p is a standard high quality Projector. These Projectors are less expensive yet provides good quality video

1280 x 768p are good for Projecting a computer screen on the Projector Screen. Since 768p are basic computer resolution, It is compatible with computer display.

1920 x 1080p is the best resolution so far that is found in High Quality DVD Blu-Ray, HDTV and High Quality Gaming Systems. Projectors with 1080p will more expensive than others.

Which is the best brightness option (Lumens) for Projectors
How many Lumens do I need from a projector to create a decent home theater system?
What is the aspect ratio of a Projector

The aspect ratio is rectangular size or a proportional ratio between width and height of a TV Screen or Projectors. For classical TVs, films the ratio is 4:3. If you try to run a 4:3 aspect ratio movie on a different aspect ratio screen, you will either see a small image, zoomed image or image having black borders at the top and bottom of the image. This is because recorded movies have their own aspect ratios and should be watched on a compatible display screen.

The Widescreen TVs nowadays use 16:9 aspect ratio. That means if width of the screen is 16 inches the height will be 9 inches.  Most modern Widescreen TVs and Projectors comes with a screen ratio of 16:9. It provides better picture quality and sharp image. Today most TV Programs, DVDs and movies are designed for 16:9 aspect ratio.

You can learn more about aspect ratio here

What features should I check while buying a projector?

We have listed in details above about the most important features you should look for, analyze your choices and then selecting a best projector home theater for yourself. The most important factors you need to check are brightness Level (Lumens), Projector Technology, LCD or DLP, Aspect ratio, Lamp Life, Portability, Connectivity Options, CPU capability and sound etc

One Important thing we have not mentioned before is Contrast ratio. Contrast ratio is number that shows the difference between light and dark on a screen. When the number is lower the picture will be dull. It is expressed as

Contrast Ratio : Brightness x: darkness

If the brightness is 1000x that of darkness then Contrast ratio will be 1000:1. For a better experience, don not purchase a Projector with less than 1500:1 Contrast ratio. There are even some Projectors sold be Epson that have Contrast Ratio of 200,000:1. These Projectors provides best display experience.

List of Best Home Theater Projectors 2018

Here is the list of best home theater projectors for 2018. This list for best Projector home theaters is compiled by our experts after careful review of each of the top selling Projector. We analyzed several features including brightness Level (Lumens), Projector Technology, LCD or DLP, Aspect ratio, Lamp Life, Portability, Connectivity Options, CPU capability, sound Price and Warranty by manufacturer. We also taken into account users reviews who used them and how they rates these projectors. We hope this buyer’s guide will help you to select a best projector for your home.

NameLumens (Brightness)Max.
Lamp LifePrice
Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector
Editor's Choice
30001080pUpto 6500 hours $ Check Price
BenQ DLP HD Projector (W1070)20001080pUpto 6000 hours $ Check Price
Optoma HD27 3D 1080p DLP home theater projector
Editor's Choice
32001080pUpto 8000 hours $ Check Price
BenQ HT1075 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector22001080pUpto 5000 hours $ Check Price
Optoma HD142X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector30001080pUpto 8000 hours $ Check Price
Optoma HD28DSE Home Theater Projector30001080pUpto 5000+ hours $ Check Price
Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector22001080pUp to 7,500 hours (ECO mode) and up to 4000 hours (Normal mode) $ Check Price
Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector25001080pUpto 3500 hours $ Check Price
ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens 1080p HDMI Home Theater Projector32001080pUpto 10000 hours
(as advertised)
$ Check Price
BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (HT2050)22001080pUpto 3500 hours $ Check Price

Best Home Theater Projector Reviews 2018

Here we will review each of the Top 10 Best Home Theater projectors 2018. These reviews are written with professional honesty and we didn’t receive any direct or indirect incentive, compensation for reviewing these projectors and how we ranked each of these Best Projectors. Our Purpose is to provide you with the review of best products in the Market.

1. Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector Review


Optoma HD141X 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector is the Top Projector in our list of best projectors 2018. Here we are going to introduce you about this high quality projector by Optoma. Optoma is famous for the manufacturing of projectors, screens, earphones etc. It has its dealers all over the world and we can find Optoma projectors in many regions of the world.

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector is a projector with smart features and high quality. It provides best contrast ratio, brightness level and ease of use. This is a best projector for home and office use. It is named as “home entertainment projector” which means that it has high quality features and it is best to be used at home entertainment device. It is one of the best quality home theater projectors currently available in the market.

Features of Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector comes with a lot of features. Here are some of its major features

  • This best quality projectors provides bright vivid colors
  • 3000 Lumens Brightness Capability
  • It comes with the excellent features you need for home theater projector and provides full HD 1080p image quality
  • You can easily connect 2X HDMI and MHL because it supports both of the ports.
  • Great Projector for HD Gaming
  • It is a supersized home entertainment
  • Screen size of this home theater projector ranges 66inches from 8 feet, 107 inches from 12 feet

In best home projectors, Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector is a good quality projector. It can be the best choice if you compare its features and Price with competitors. Best thing is, it provides 3D support. You can play videos from the high technology resources i.e. blu-ray and cable boxes. Its audio system is good and can be compared with typical TV.

One of the best qualities of a home projector is its adjustable brightness and contrast. It can also work in cinema mode and you can feel like cinema at your home. Now you can watch movies at home and enjoy the taste of theater at home.With the Built-in Speaker you can watch movies and Play games without having a Separate Speaker attached to the system.

One Drawback of this Projector as you will see in almost all DLP Projectors that in some black and white movies It may show rainbow artifact. However the effect us not persistent and if you can ignore it for few instances in movie then you can choose this projector for its other best features.

Optoma HD141X 1080p Projector Images Shared by Users

Pros and Cons of Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Pros and cons of Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector can better explain its quality.

   Pros    Cons
  • Full 1080p in both 2D and 3D
  • Two HDMI connectors
  • One Mobile high definition link (MHL)
  • 23000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Built-in 10 watt Speaker
  • Reasonable Price for given features
  • Shows Problems when Brightness is switches to highest setting
  • Sometimes it shows rainbow artifacts

Optoma HD141X 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector came out as the best projector in our review. Home Theater Projectors ranges from $300-$8000. With 3000 Lumens brightness, high Contrast Ratio this is a decent Projector that comes with reasonable Price.

2. BenQ W1070 DLP HD Projector Review


BenQ DLP HD Projector (W1070) is one of the best projectors available in the category of Home theater projectors Amazon. It is a 3D home theater projector with lens shift technology and RGB color wheel. This projector can turn your TV lounge into a 3D cinema lounge. Now you can also invite your neighbors to watch 3D movies with you at your home, or you can enjoy the best projector experience with your family members.

Features of BenQ DLP HD Projector (W1070)

BenQ W1070 DLP Projector offers modest features in every aspect to give you a reasonably good and low priced Projector. 3D technology and Lens shift technology is the main feature of this BenQ DLP projector which can distinguish it from other multimedia projectors. It has high resolution and supports 1080P HD Image with ANSI brightness of about 2000 Lumens. Due to its excellent features, this projector is second on our list of best home theater Projectors. It provides a contrast ratio of 13000:1 and premium RGB color wheel enable the BenQ projector to watch your favorite programs any time.

BenQ W1070 DLP Projector has perfect color calibration and it is ISFccc certified. BenQ DLP 1080P projector is an energy saving and energy Efficient projector which has a built-in SmartEco technology. It conserves energy and enables an auto standby mode to prevent energy loss. Its LED lamp got prolonged life and it can lasts up to 6000 hours. It is a short throw projector because it has easy installation capabilities and a diagonal screen size of 60 to 1780 inches. As it is a 3D projector, you can watch high quality movies at home and you will feel like you are sitting in a cinema. This projector is from a reliable brand and Amazon is just a link between the company and customer. So you can trust on quality of this 3D projector without any doubt. BenQ, as it is a top ranked company, delivers one of the best DLP projectors.

Photos of BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070) Shared by Users

Pros and Cons of BenQ DLP HD Projector (W1070)

   Pros    Cons
  • Diagonal screen size is 60 to 180 inches
  • 3X zoom
  • Vertical lens shift
  • Throw ratio of about 1.15-1.5, (you cansay 79 inches, 2 m)
  • Suitable for day and night viewing
  • ANSI brightness of 2,000 Lumens
  • 3D video technology
  • Limited Optical Zoom
  • Some People reported the Projector starts heating up after some month

This projector by BenQ (W1070) is highly recommended for home and office use. It is less expensive than our first choice Optoma HD141x 1080p Projector. As it has a 3D technology, you can now watch 3D movies at your own home, at your own cinema.

 3. Optoma HD27 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector Review


Here we are going to introduce you with one of the best Optoma projectors, i.e. Optoma HD27. Optoma HD27 is a 3D 1080p DLP home theater projector which truly proves itself as your entertainment companion. There are many popular companies which are active to deliver best home theater projectors. Optoma has made its way through advanced technology and has got high rating due to high quality projectors.

Features of Optoma HD27 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater

Optoma HD27 {rojector has proved itself as one of the best home projectors due to its exciting features and reasonable price. It enables the viewers to enjoy big screens from a large distance. Screen size ranges, 71 inches from 8 feet, 107 inches from 12 feet which is best size for a home theater projector. Now you can convert your TV lounge into  a family theater. You can invite your friends at your home to watch a favorite movie in full HD and on large screen.

Optoma HD27 has not limits, when it is about quality. Brightness of this projector is 3200 ANSI lumens and contrast ratio of 25,000:1. Keystone correction, to adjust image, brightness, zoom in etc is also present. Its user friendly interface enables the users to set it easily and enjoy their favorite programs without any trouble. This excellent projector comes with a free one year warranty, so if you find any problem in the projector, you can easily ask customer care to resolve the problem. It is important to mention about ports, so this projector has two HDMI ports, 1.4a MHL, 3D Vesa Sync Port, Audio out 3.5mm and 12V trigger. You can get a USB-A for power, so you can connect this projector with power supply easily.

Photos of Optoma HD27 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector Shared by Users

Pros and Cons of Optoma HD27 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector

   Pros    Cons
  • Amazing 3D view with DLP-link glasses
  • Easy and cheap bulb replacement
  • Super Eco mode
  • HDMI and MHL compatibility
  • Comes with lens cap and HDMI cable
  • Best for outdoors as well as for rooms with light
  • Sometimes, whites appear to cause too much brightness
  • Problems in displaying Deep Black color
  • No motion interpolation
  • 2D to 3D conversion is not present

Optoma HD27 Home Theater Projector has 3200 Lumens that is best brightness level we have so far. However before purchasing keep in mind that you might need to use external sound systems as built-in speakers quality in this Projector is not upto the mark. Moreover it has problems in displaying deep black colors which actually look grey sometimes. If you can ignore these things, this is perhaps one of the best Projector with a lot of useful features.

4. BenQ HT1075 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector Review


BenQ HT1075 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector is one of the best projectors and it is also on the top in our list. It has similar features like LCD-based Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030. HT1075 is a projector with suitable screen size and weight. It is best for both home and office use. This HT1075 projector has best features as home-entertainment projector and it is very efficient to replace TV in a family room. This projector has been manufactured as home entertainment theater, so it has best use at home. You can enjoy big screen at home, with your family members and it is because of BenQ HT1075.

Features of BenQ HT1075 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Fine things are light in weight mostly, so this upgraded high quality projector is light in weight and has small size. It has weight of 6.3 pounds only and therefore it is easy to handle. There are separate HDMI ports for connectors, to give the image input, and these ports are present on back. Default VGA and composite video ports are also present. One of the good features of this projector is the presence of component video input with three RCA-phono plugs. There is a USB type A port, which is only for power output, so do not use it for other purposes.

HDMI port is MHL enabled, and you can use it to show images on a compatible phone or tablet. HDMI ports, both ports support 3D formats therefore you can 3D from Blu-ray player or cable box. For external sound system and high quality audio, there are mini-jack audio out and mini-jack audio in ports. BenQ HT1075 shows best 2D and 3D performance, and creates good quality images.

Photos of BenQ HT1075 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector Shared by Users

Pros and Cons of BenQ HT1075 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

   Pros    Cons
  • It’s color display support almost 1.07 billion colors and it is a DLP projector.
  • 2 HDMI ports enable it to connect the display easily.
  • It comes with 1 year warranty and 500 hours of lamp life.
  • Main thing is, Mobile high-definition link (MHL) enabled.
  • It displays good quality images, but they are not of excellent quality.
  • Sometimes it shows some rainbow artifacts in video.

5. Optoma HD142X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector Review


Optoma HD142X 1080p 3D DLP home theater Projector is the advanced version of previously introduced Optoma HD141X 1080 DLP Projector.  Optoma has so far introduced many good Projectors in different categories. But Optoma HD142X Projector is one of the most popular Optoma Projectors. It is currently 2nd Best Selling Video Projector on Amazon.com . It is a home theater projector that is packed with a lot of amazing features and comes at reasonable Price. It comes with a big screen range amazing brightness and the perfect contrast ratio. It offers a crisp and vibrant image, crystal clear sound and special features as sRGB and 8,000-hour lamp life. It will definitely amaze you with its bright vibrant colors so you can watch all your favorite movies/serials. It also offers a platform for your Xbox one, PS4 so you can play your favorite games on it.

Features of Optoma HD142X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

The Optoma HD142X Home Theater projector offers five picture modes. Vivid, cinema, game, reference and bright. They all have different color and brightness statistics. You have to choose according to what you prefer at the time. Optoma HD142X is a dynamic home entertainment projector with an international HDTV view ( REC.709) combined with good Brightness of 3,000 ANSI Lumens. Optoma HD142X Video Projector have a contrast ratio of 23,000:1 which is very good for such projectors. It automatically adjusts the image to the lamp output, based on the information of each frame which will give you the best home theater experience. The black levels are excellent with dark images, it shows them with smooth and clear transitions.

Optoma HD142X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector is the best home theater as it gives sharper and clearer picture with full HD 1080p image. It supports 3D content which includes all contents from any 3D source that includes latest games and 3D blu-ray players. You can easily connect your smartphones, tablets and laptops/mac to your Optoma 142X projector to watch a movie or play a game on the big screen. This home projector has a special auto power off feature that will shut the projector automatically if not being used for a set period of time.

Optoma HD142x Projector offers the clearest and the most powerful sound you have ever heard. With 10W integrated built-in speaker which will make your movie nights perfect. You don’t need to hassle about getting those expensive external speakers ever! Still if you need to use better and advanced speakers, you can use them with this Projetcor. Moreover, this projector have an extended lamp life of 8,000 hours which is 2000-3000 hours more than other projectors of its kind. Even if you use your projector daily, you can use the projector for 10 years without the need to replace the lamp of Projector.

Photos of Optoma HD142x 3D Video Projector sent by users

Pros and Cons of Optoma HD142X 1080p Home Theater Projector

   Pros    Cons
  • High Quality HD Bright 1080p Picture
  • Low entry price for first time home projector
  • 3000 Lumens Brightness. Bright enough to see just fine with lights on or windows open
  • Excellent for gaming
  • Light and easy to setup
  • 8,000 Lamp Life
  • Better Built-In Speakers than previous version but not the best
  •  Rainbow effect occurs sometime in Image
  • After some time the projector Gets hot.
  • Only 2 HDMI Ports for connectivity. Should have been a few more connectivity options

In a Nutshell, Optoma HD142x 3D Home Theater Projector have most of the feature that we want to see in a home theater Projector. HD 1080p Picture, High Contrast Ratio, Good Lamp Life and most of all Reasonable Price. Optoma HD142x have more positive ratings than negative. It is second best seller Projector on Amazon right now (first one is a cheap Chinese projector which is not of great value). Ignoring that, it is the best selling branded Projector. You can try it and it will not disappoint you

6. Optoma HD28DSE Home Theater Projector Review


Few years back, projectors were thought to be the part of cinema houses and conferences only. But now, multimedia projectors are here to provide entertainment at your own home. You can now convert your TV lounge into a Cinema room, just to enjoy your favorite programs on big screens. Optoma is very concerned about quality and services therefore, it manufacture the projectors with optimum quality and advanced technology. Here we are going to provide you some details about Optoma HD28DSE DLP home theater projector.

Features of HD28DSE Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD28DSE is one of the best home theater projectors with advanced technology. It is a high quality projector which supports 1080P and 3D technology. The expectations from a good projector are: to deliver high quality images, enough screen size to view clear videos and long LED bulb life. Optoma HD28DSE is able to accomplish all these expectations. It has a screen size extendable 71 inches from 8 feet and 107 inches from 12 Feet. Brightness of this high quality home theater projector is about 3000 ANSI Lumens. Other features of Optoma HD28DSE include: 30,000:1 contrast ratio plus keystone correction, positive function of Lens shift and high quality image formation. This projector comes with a warranty of one year and 90 Days specifically for bulb. To connect other devices with Optoma HD28DSE projector, 2X HDMI ports and 1.4a MHL port is available. There is a 3D sync port and one mini USB , other USB port (USB A) is only for power. Price of this projector on Amazon is $674 with free shipping.

Photos of HD28DSE Home Theater Projector Shared by Users

Pros and Cons of HD28DSE Home Theater Projector

   Pros    Cons
  • 2X HDMI ports
  • 4a MHL port
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio and 3000 ANSI lumens
  • 3D technology
  • You don’t have to go to Cinema to watch 3D movies, now your own TV lounge can become 3D lounge
  • BrriliantColor technology
  • DLP technology
  • Sometimes Noisy

The trend of watching 3D movies and programs is flourishing, so this projector by Optoma can be the best 3D partner. There are features which can compete with any expensive and royal quality projector. It is recommended mostly for home use, so you can consult the category, “Business projectors” for business purposes.

7. Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector Review


Epson 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD home theater projector is one on the low-end side with tons of great qualities and specifications. It is a complete home entertainment theater projector which delivers full HD 1080p resolution. One of the many great qualities of this projector is the three chip LCD engine which guarantees that it won’t show any rainbow artifacts. It is a projector for full home entertainment purposes with the finest image quality that a family will enjoy and a short time-lag that gamers will totally love.

Features of Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Epson 2040 has white brightness and a color brightness of 2,200 as compared to other projectors. It also offers 3x brighter colors with 2,200 lumens. This home theater projector ensures a vibrant, rich and clear image with 35,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for all those rich details in any dark scenes. With image enhancement (sharpening) and frame interpolation;Epson promises smooth, crisp and vibrant and crystal-clear images. It supports more than 1.07 billion colors, which includes color modes such as dynamic, 3D dynamic, bright cinema, natural, 3D cinema.

Epson 2040 is clearly built for home entertainment purposes as it is compact in size and light in weight so you literally place it anywhere in your room. Also, it has a 5-watt built-in mono speaker which is not so bad if you are using it for a quiet movie night. You can easily attach external sound system on your 2040 if you are a fan of loud sound.

One of the many qualities of 2040 is its 3D performance which is DLP based so you don’t face rainbow artifacts.(You can buy the 3D glasses separately. Epson’s ones are $99). Another one is that Epson 2040 maintains shadow details and it also avoid posterization. Epson 2040 includes an auto iris for the times you watch a movie at night.(which can be an annoying feature when you use the projector at day, but you can turn it off completely, so that’s a plus!)

Epson 2040 projector has 2 HDML ports with MHL-enables devices which help the viewers to stream videos in HD and connect your gaming console or streaming device. You can also connect your USB or your smart phone to watch anything on the big screen. It also won’t irritate you during the movie with its annoying fan noise. Epson 2040 has an un-noticeable fan noise! It has a 37 dB fan noise on normal mode and 29 dB fan noise on ECO mode. It also offers a lamp life of 4000 hours in normal mode and 7500 hours in ECO mode.

Photos of Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector Shared by Users

Pros and Cons of Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector

   Pros    Cons
  • Supports 3D content
  • Up to 3x brighter colors.
  • Offers 3LCD, three chip technology.
  • Display 100” full HD images.
  • No fan noise on ECO mode
  • Bulb costs as low as $65.
  • Auto iris.
  • Frame interpolation
  • Up to 1.07 billion colors supported.
  • Zoom ratio: 1.0x to 1.2x
  • Short lag time
  • Fan is quiet loud on normal mode.
  • No lens shift(fixed throw off-set)
  • Iris pulsing which you can turn off completely if you find it annoying.

The trend of watching 3D movies and programs is flourishing, so this projector by Optoma can be the best 3D partner. There are features which can compete with any expensive and royal quality projector. It is recommended mostly for home use, so you can consult the category, “Business projectors” for business purposes.

8. Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector with 4K Enhancement Review


Epson offers an exceptional home theater experience with its home cinema 5040UB. It features a 4K enhancement which is perfect for streaming Ultra HD blue-ray content. It delivers 2,500 of color and white lumens2 brightness. It also supports High Dynamic Range(HDR) content, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 for intense scenes that makes  any picture real- life with bright and vivid colors bursting through the screen which makes it an ideal projector for your home. It offers visibly superior resolution and crystal clear image in a decent price range of $2,699.

Features of Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Beside the 4k Enhancement, Epson 5040UB offers the all glass 16 piece lens zoom with 2.1x zoom capacity for 4k performance. This Epson has a motorized lens system which means you can function it with your remote; lens shift, lens focus and the best of off is its lens memory feature that lets you save 10 lens position and save them with just one command of Constant Image Height(CIH). It has a cinemascope 2.4:1 screen, there will be no extra cost for an anamorphic lens.

Epson 5040UB also has the ability to display HDR and WCG (wide color gamut) content and LAN control. It displays the sRGBand DCL color spaces. With 3,500 lumens in the brightness mode, you can view your favorite movie or serial in the brightest of lights and your Epson will still make sure to give its best, whilst HDR supporting for dark theater viewing.

Epson 5040’s comes with the basic fundamentals for picture quality that includes rich colors, bright contrast, deep blacks, image sharpness and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It offers a dynamic mode and a B&W mode which will give you the warmest 5500 degree color temperature so you feel like you are in a theater watching an old movie.

It has a 3D support of 1080p and RF glasses(which will be included in the box). Epson can handle all your hardware devices such as your hard disk and even your mobile phone. This projector fully supports USB, MHL, HDMI and of course 4K-compatible devices like HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2,0a, HDCP 2.0 and H.265 video compression handling.

It has included ports like a VGA port, a LAN port, a MHL port for all your external streaming devices and RS-232C control ports.  It also offers a throw ratio range of 1.35-2.84.

With Epson image enhancement technology is features a super resolution and image clarity like no other. There is absolutely no way that you will regret investing money in Epson 5040 home cinema projector. With all those enhanced and amazing features, you will truly enjoy every movie night with your family.

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Pros and Cons of Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector 

   Pros    Cons
  • Full HDR support.
  • Crisp, sharp and real-like image.
  • Lens control
  • User friendly and easy to setup
  • Lamp life: upto 5,000 hours on ECO mode
    Upto 4,000 hours on Medium mode.
    Upto 3,500 hours on High mode.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Recyclable projector. 
  • Motion handling does not work with resolution up  scaling.
  •  No pro installation features.
  •  Not portable
  •  Electronic focus is hard to adjust

The trend of watching 3D movies and programs is flourishing, so this projector by Optoma can be the best 3D partner. There are features which can compete with any expensive and royal quality projector. It is recommended mostly for home use, so you can consult the category, “Business projectors” for business purposes.

9. ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens 1080p HDMI Home Theater Projector Review


ViewSonic PJD7828 is one of the cheapest projectors in the market with lots and lots of great specifications one can find in a home theater projector. Like its short throw lens; it won’t matter at all if you have a small compact size room because this projector has a short throw lens that makes the picture look just as huge and with full HD resolution.

Features of  ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens 1080p HDMI Home Theater Projector

It is a perfect home entertainment system featuring 3200 lumens, full HD 1920×1080 resolution, a 22,000:1 dynamic ratio contrast and a screen from 110 inches at 12 feet- upto 288 inches from 24 feet. Go big on the screen and enjoy super sized movies and games with its short throw lens.

It is packed with the most advanced technology like 1.4 HDMI streaming portAll dongle, it offers upto 10,000 lamp life (ECO-mode), 1.3x zoom, 4.2-46.9 ft. throw distance, 10W built in speakers which will give you an amazing movie night experience. Clear sound is not a problem in ViewSonic PJD7828 projector, because of its built 10W speaker. It offers clear, loud, audible and enhanced sound so you don’t have to invest your money on external speakers.

You will get a crystal clear, extremely bright and vivid real life image with ViewSonic’s SuperColor Technology. With 3,200 lumens of brightness viewsonic projector the brightest image in any room with excellent performance.

It’s portAll technology is neatly designed DHMI/MHL compartments which also supports wireless HDMI or MHL connectors and powered USB. View Sonic is compatible with MAC and Windows. It can also be connected with blu-ray players, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and more.

Full HD 1080p resolution gives you the cinema like experience in the comfort of your own home. It provides detailed and vivid, bright and crystal like image every time!

Apart from all these highly impressive specifications, ViewSonic is also offering a 3-year limited warranty for the projector, 1 year warranty for the lamp and 1 year free Express Exchange service with product registration.

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Pros and Cons of  ViewSonic PJD7828HDL Home Theater Projector Shared by Users

   Pros    Cons
  • Extremely bright, gives you amazing real like image.
  • Short throw lens- watching a movie on a big screen is no problem now
  • Beautiful, crisp image.
  • Sonic Expert integrated audio system.
    1.3x zoom
  • Secure HDMI/MHL port.
  • Noisy Fan
  • Rainbow Artifacts.
  • Average black levels
  • Needs careful setup

ViewSonic PJD7828HDL is a light stream single-chip DLP projector which offers high brightness, crystal clear image, sonicexpert sound system all in a affordable price range. You can enjoy the latest movie on a big screen and at your own couch. It is the best for watching movies as well as for gaming. With its classic and decent design and all the great specifications- it is an outstanding deal! It is an ideal projector for high definition presentations as well as home cinema and gaming too.

The PJD7828HDL box includes the classic projector, power cable, a remote control, VGA cable, Wizard CD and a start guide. You can get the 3D glasses from amazon or ViewSonic.

10. BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (HT2050) Review


BenQ HT2050 also known as the ‘colorific’ is a home theater projector with all glass cinema grade lens and RGBRGB color wheel.

When investing money in something expensive, you have to think twice about it. But if you are planning to get a home theater projector without spending so much money, you should go for the benQ HT2050 the best world-wide selling home theater projector. You can get yourself a 1080p DLP projector with improved contrast, perfectly balanced color, sharp and crystal-clear image and a premium optical 3D glass system for just $800.

Features of BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (HT2050)

Enjoy easy and friendly operations with your home entertainment benQ projector. It offers high resolution of 1080p, clear and crisp image with a brightness of 2,200 lumens. Enjoy captivating colors delivered by 6x speed RBGRGB color wheel to improve the color range for the clearest, brightest, vivid and real-like images. BenQ HT2050 provides 15,000:1 contrast for incredible lifelike picture detail.

The sound system of BenQHT2050 is one amazing specification; it provides crystal clear cinema quality sound with 10W speakers which are powered by Maxxaudio technology. It promise to delivers clear and rich sound using the Wave Audio Algorithms.  Also, it has absolutely no fan noise; you will only hear the movie’s sound and not the projectors.

BenQ HT2050 has premium glass optical system that offers you the finest picture quality with no chromatic aberration. And you can zoom the image manually to 1.3x, it has a lens shift for maximum installation flexibility, so you can comfortably watch your movie in the adjusted area.

If you want to get a projector for a small compact room go for BenQ HT2050. As it offers a superior short throw of 1.5-1.5(79” @ 2m) it can be placed in any room at the smallest distance and it will still fill the screen without any down falls. Also, it has a wall correction feature so you can easily project your BenQ onto any wall colored surface and its wall color correction feature will normalize the content .Enjoy the big screen projector in any room of the house- whether the wall is of any color.

BenQ HT2050 also includes smart ECO technology for energy conservation as it is a highly energy efficient home theater projector. It also has auto standby mode as to save energy and the projector’s lamp life, that automatically adjusts lamp’s brightness based on the picture to provide clear and subtle details possible.

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Pros and Cons of BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (HT2050)

   Pros    Cons
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • The projector uses DP link; that is you can use any third-party 3D glasses if you want to watch a 3D movie on your benQ
  • It offers 1 year warranty from benQ for all its parts and labor
  • It offers crystal clear image
  • Maximum image size of benQ HT2050 is 60”~180”/300”
  • Crisp shadow details
  • Wireless FHD kit (optional)
  • Lamp life is shorter that is 3,500 hours, as compared to other projectors.
  • Replacement lamp is also on the high-end side. It costs $270

BenQ HT2050 is a home theater projector with uncountable great specifications.  It offers the best picture quality in less than $1000 and is great for a small home to. BenQ also offers 1 year warranty for all its parts. The HT2050 features ISFccc which is enables by professionals to provide its viewers with the best distinct colors for day and night viewing. It is designed in a way so you can get the best theater experience in your own personal space.

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