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Best Garden Shredder (Jan. 2020) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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If you are fond of gardening, you would definitely understand the importance of a Garden Shredder. Of course, gardening is an activity that we love the most. But, there are several tasks that can get overwhelming. Preparing and cleaning the garden is just one of them, especially after a storm and the winter season. This is where the Garden Shredder would be helpful enough. How about checking a few top Garden Shredders you can work out for?

What is a Garden Shredder?

The name itself should indicate it. A garden shredder is what would help you clean up the overgrown garden or a messy one for that matter. It helps you in several of the tasks. Maybe you have something dead in your garden and want to move it away. Maybe you want to tidy up the mess garden after the winter. Or maybe you just want to clean up the debris like the leaves and other Waste. A garden shredder will help you clear out everything with ease.

Electric Garden Shredder Buying Guide

Well, like with any other tool or machine – you need to be careful enough with the right kind of shredder for your needs. There are a few points you need to consider when buying an Electric garden shredder. We will check out a few good options we need to keep looking for if you really want to buy a garden waste shredder.

What To Look For In A Wood Chipper Shredder

If your goal is to find a wood chipper that’s going to suit your needs then you need to make sure you know what you’ll be using it for. If you plan on using it for residential purposes then the amount of blades or flails on it will be important. The more blades on it, the easier and quicker the entire process is going to be.

When you get a wood chipper for residential use it’s able to handle a certain size and amount of materials before any problems such as clogging occurred. So when you decide to make a purchase it’ll be important to remember this and select a machine that is able to deal with the amount of work your yard will require. Smaller, less expensive models are able to work with branches up to 2 ½ inches, while other models might be able to chip branches that are up to 4 inches thick.

Wood Chipper Features that are Important

You are going to find that wood chippers come in different combinations. For instance you have sweeper/blower and wood chipper/vacuum. They also come with different accessories. These might include the following:

  • Collection bags
  • Blowback shields
  • Covers

If you decide to get a bigger model, then these typically will come with wheels. With smaller options wheels are usually optional.

A few pointers that you need to pay attention include

Important Points to Consider
Branch Shredding DiameterProcessing CapacityWaste Collection CapacityBuildWarrantySafetyWeightPrice
This is the maximum diameter of the tree branch that you would be able to cut with the electric garden shredder. Ideally, the wood garden shredders are available with a maximum branch diameter of 35 mm. Please note that if you are opting for a grass shredder, it will not have the specification for the branch shredding diameter.
This is maximum capacity that the garden shredder will be able to perform at. It is generally measured in terms of weight of the shredding peer hour. For a shredder used for personal use at a smaller garden, the flow should be around 80 to 100 Kgs per hour. Of course, you would expect your garden shredder to have a better processing capacity so that it can handle the task at a faster rate. For the professional purposes like horticulture, go for electric garden shredders with a capacity of around 200 Kgs per hour.
Every garden waste shredder will come with a tank for collecting the waste. The capacity of the collection should be higher enough. If the capacity of the waste collection tank is too low, you will find it hard to repeatedly empty the contents to keep you going. A good option is a waste collection capacity of around 50 kgs or more.
Build quality is yet another important aspect that you need to pay attention to if you really want to ensure. Using a garden shredder will entail it using under rough terrains. It should also be able to withstand all types of weather. The build quality should also support a not so careful storage.
Pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer so that you understand the brand value that they carry. The positive reviews are what we would find an important factor to take a decision. The warranty makes is a proof to the trust that the company has over the product. Of course, it lets you get a free service for a good period, but if the company is providing a good amount of warranty, it would mean they are confident in the product they offer you. We would think a warranty of 2 years should be ideal enough.
A garden shredder is, after all, a machine, and you will definitely want to be safer when using it. The machine definitely comes with sharp knives and an electrical connectivity. They can be dangerous to your life – even resulting in fatal incidents that can even result in death. Check out the safety precautions that the machine comes with. It should have protective mechanisms to take care of any mechanical or electrical issues.
We expect the garden shredder to have excellent features and functions including the waste collection bag (or tank), higher capacity and other features. But, all that is bound to make your electric garden shredder bigger and heavier. It would be a wiser idea to buy a garden shredder that is large enough, but takes care that the weight of the shredder does not overwhelm you and make it difficult to work with.
Last, but not the least – the price of the best garden shredder would also be one of the important factors you will need to work with. You would not want to spend money on your garden shredder beyond your budget.

Comparison of Top 10 Garden Shredders

ModelWattsMax. Cutting DiameterCollection Box sizeFeaturesPrice
Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder63 mmExcellent wood chipper shredder that can shred leaves and branches upto 2 1/2 inch diameter.
Check price
Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC250045 mm53 LTurbine cut system
Reverse function for unblocking that avoids any kind of blockage

Check price
Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200220040 mmNo included but you can buy collection sacks for shredders for around £10Perfect for fresh softer material such as hedge clipping, ideal for small jobs.
Check price
Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder250040 mm50 LShreds woody stuff such as trees branches and hedge cutting well, but struggles with lots of leafy foliage which can cause it to jam.
Check price
Dirty Pro Tools™ Compact Electric Garden Shredder250040 mm50 LA light, easy to move shredder. Best for shredding long branches. Sometimes jams with soft material like twigs and leaves.
Check price
Earthquake 18493 Chipper Shredder75 mmIts a Petrol Chipper. Works well with Branches twigs and leafs. It doesn't work well with branches with 3 inches diameter
Check price
Worx 13 Amp Electric Leaf MulcherCollection box not included in sale PackingIndustrial grade leaf shredder. Suitable for grass and green/dry leaves and not suitable for twigs and branches.
Check price
Eco-Shredder ES1600 14-Amp Electric Chipper / Shredder35 mmAlthough advertised for compositing, Mulching, Chipping and Shredding we found it can best handle garden waste i.e. leaf and branches with less than 1 diameter.
Check price
Hecht Electric Garden Shredder250040 mm50 LPerfect for shredding branches, hedge trimming, shrubs. Does not shred leaves very well.
Check price
Draper 35900 230-Volt 2,400-Watt Garden Shredder240040 mmBag Supplied but capacity variesTwin blade cutting system with Blade reversing to unblock. It is suitable for shredding foliage with thickness of 40 mm.
Check price

The Best Garden Shredders You can Buy in 2020

Having understood how to choose the best garden shredder for your needs, we thought of easing it still further by offering you a concise review of a few good garden shredders you can buy in 2020. Check out our top choices to help you make a learned choice.

1. Patriot Products CSV-2515 Chipper Shredder Review – Our Top Pick


Patriot Products is a popular manufacturer of the best agricultural products of high caliber. One of the best electric garden shredders produced by Patriotic products that have been popular enough is CSV 2515.

Features of Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

Weighing 43 kgs, it is one of the most popular models among the best electric garden shredders chippers and offers you a branch shredding diameter of up to 63mm. That should indeed be equivalent to huge trees! Unlike most other electric garden shredders discussed here, the CSV 2515 is an expert in shredding leaves and soft twigs as well.

Compared to the gasoline based models, it offers you the quieter operation, thus making it one of the best electric garden shredders with a focus on taking care of neighbors’ patience levels. It also comes with larger wheels making it easy to handle the normal maneuvering inside the garden. It creates smaller shreds thus enabling you to get smoother mulch.

Easy maintenance is yet another feature that should make it a great choice among the best electric garden shredders. You can remove the shredder flails and chipper knives for easier cleaning.


  • Maintenance free operation makes it a great choice and a preferred option among the best electric garden shredders.
  • Superiorly tough and lighter in operation.
  • An excellent maneuverability, thanks to larger wheels.

Pros and Cons of Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

   Pros    Cons
  • Tougher American make.
  • Low maintenance cost of the motor
  • Can be stored easily in your garage without taking up much space
  • Has excellent reviews on the online portals.
  • May not work with the wet material if you have a lot of them
  • An expensive price tag

Except for a couple of reviews that blamed the best electric garden shredder from Patriotic Products for an expensive price tag, but the excellent design and functionality are what would justify the price. In case you prefer a sturdy build and a powerful function, this is the best you can go with

2. Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC Review  – Editor’s Choice


The Bosch Garden shredder is indeed one of the best and comes with high end features. Solid build, reliability, and efficiency are what would ideally make it a great choice for most of your needs. It can handle almost all waste items including old hedges, thorny shrubs, and hard wood. We tried it with both hard wood and leafy material and found it working efficiently.

Features of Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC 

The Bosch garden shredder is powerful enough with the 2500 Watts motor and a speed of 41 rpm offering you an excellent capacity. The garden waste shredder can work with a processing capacity of 230 Kg per hour. This will simplify your task easily.

It comes with the 45 mm branch shredding diameter and should be useful for both small and larger trunks. The Bosch garden shredder AXT 25 TC is one of the best options for a noise free operation. The automatic feed with lower noise levels of 82 dB. The electric garden shredder comes with the 53 liters collection box. The Bosch garden shredder also comes with a safety functionality that prevents the automatic starting.

BOSCH AXT 25TC comes with a unique blade that Bosch loves calling Turbine cut system. The garden shredder makes it easy to both chop and crush. You also have a touch pad control options to aid you in the reverse direction in case of blockages. The Other version Bosch AXT 25D comes with Drum Cutter

Image Credits : Garden4 Less


  • The Bosch garden shredder does not normally block the feeding process.
  • An efficient and faster performance.
  • An excellent customer service from Bosch.
  • The 45 mm branch diameter should be a great option in itself.

Pros and Cons of Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC 

   Pros    Cons
  • Very efficient and has several reviews by satisfied users
  • A quieter operation that would not disturb your neighbours.
  • A durable design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The Bosch garden shredder comes with a heavier design.
  • A few reviews suggest incompetence with fresh green material.
  • A little more expensive compared to the competing products.

The Bosch garden shredder AXT 25 TC is an excellent option for most of your needs. With a host of positive reviews across online stores, the garden shredder chipper comes with a few good functions. Keep it clean enough and ensure a great deal of performance for long years of time.

3. Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 Review – Best Garden Shredder Under £200


For those who wish to have a slightly cheaper shredder than Bosch AXT 25 TC, this is the most cheaper option among the best garden shredder from the same manufacturer. Of course, it does not come with a waste collection box as part of the equipment, and you will need to include a bag or box.

Features of Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200

It provides you with an excellent cutting capacity with the Rapid 2200. It has a branch diameter capacity of 40mm and is only 12 kg in weight. The plunger offers you an enhanced material throughput.

The lightweight design with the wheels will ensure an easier functionality and portability. The laser cut blades are capable of offering you an excellent functionality in terms of handling any kind of stubborn wood. The 2200 Watts power is indeed one of the best, and we assume it will live longer than you can actually expect.

The best garden shredder from Bosch comes with a capacity of 95 Kgs per hour and provides a fast feed hopper function coupled with an easy fit for almost all situations.


  • One of the best garden shredders, the AXT Rapid 2200 is easy to assemble and use.
  • Extremely maneuverable garden shredder for all your needs
  • Replacing the blades would be an easy task. The blades are available over the internet.

Pros and Cons of Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200

   Pros    Cons
  • The best Bosch garden shredder comes with a high end chopping functionality
  • The best in class portability with wheels and lightweight.
  • Easy to maneuver in the deeper woods if you have a denser garden.
  • It does not have a collection box.
  • The affordable Bosch garden shredder is slightly incapable of handling the fresh green grass.
  • It can be difficult to open the machine when you find the blades are jammed.

We would definitely consider the Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 one of the tried and tested product from a brand that has stood the test of time. In case, you have a limited budget; it can be the best option you can go with.

4.Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Review – Editor’s Choice


The Dirty Pro Tools electric garden shredder is ideally one of the most affordable and cheaper garden chipper shredder you can opt for. Of course, it does not come with a special design or branding as the above two options do, but still, it lives up to the expectations and offers an excellent performance.

Features of  Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm

The 2500 Watts motor with 4050 rpm speed would make it a great option to go with. In fact, the garden chipper shredder is one of the most affordable options that ensures an excellent functionality with its powerful motor and a 40 cm branch shredding diameter.

A good size of collection box with 50 liters capacity should make it one of the best options for this garden chipper shredder reducing the number of trips to the compost box. Not to forget, the lightweight at just 15 kg can make it the best in terms of portability and best manoeuvring features.

One of the most desired options in a garden chipper shredder is it should offer a quitter operation. The relatively quiet operation at 98 decibels can be quite smoother enough. Yet another feature that we loved with the garden shredder is that it comes with a 6 meter cable, unlike most other devices.


  • The garden chipper shredder is indeed a value for money.
  • The garden shredder is affordably priced in its operations.
  • The powerful shredding features.
  • The Dirty pro tools garden shredder is an excellent option for the professional gardeners.

Pros and Cons of Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm

   Pros    Cons
  • Efficient and cheaper garden chipper shredder
  • Comes with a collection box of liter capacity
  • Powerful motor handles all the tasks seamlessly.
  • A longer 6 meter power cable.
  • The blades tend to blunt quickly.
  • The garden chipper shredder is slightly inefficient in cutting leaves and such green stuff.

The Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder may not come close to the likes of Bosch garden shredders, but given the market that it has been designed for, it does work efficiently. It can block a little more compared to the other devices we discussed here so far.

5. Dirty Pro Tools™ Compact Electric Garden Shredder Review – Best Garden Shredder under £100


Yet another offering from Dirty Pro Tools, this is a slightly high powered model when compared to the above option for the best garden shredder you can buy in 2020. It shares most of its features with the Dirty Pro Tools garden shredder we discussed, with a few additional features.

Features of  Dirty Pro Tools™ Compact Electric Garden Shredder 40mm 

The Garden mulcher shredder comes with a powerful motor at a 2500 watts rating and a 4500 rpm speed. With its 40 mm branch shredding diameter, it can take care of the branches and twigs of larger trees. One of the exceptional choices for the professional gardeners, we find it an interesting option for every standard.

The garden mulcher shredder comes with a waste or chip collection box of 50 liters capacity. The easy portability and string options should make it one of the best options if you do not have the manpower to handle those tasks. Easy maneuverability is what we would treat one of the excellent options with this garden shredder.

The Dirty Pro Tools electric garden shredder should be an excellent option for your choices in garden mulcher shredder requirements with its quieter operation with a sound pressure of just 98 dB.


  • Best grader mulcher shredder for handling branches and twigs.
  • It can help you create enough mulch for your garden – a classic example of best from waste!
  • It can produce lighter, easy to move shreds.

Pros and Cons of Dirty Pro Tools™ Compact Electric Garden Shredder 40mm 

   Pros    Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • The garden mulcher shredder is quite affordable and lives up to the expectations.
  • Produces smaller and finer shreds.
  • The 50 kg waste bag is a thoughtful addition.
  • The blades are likely to get blunt if you are not careful while using it.
  • Sometimes it jams with soft material like twigs and leaves.
  • In the case of jams, removing the cover is a little tricky.

Well-made and sturdy in design, the Dirty Pro Tools Garden mulcher shredder is a good option for an affordable version of a garden shredder. Ease of cleaning and the quieter operation that would not disturb the neighbors are the major attractions for the shredder.

6. Earthquake 18493 Chipper Shredder Review – Best Petrol Garden Shredder


Do you have a large garden that constantly gets cluttered with debris and other items? If so, your search for a heavy duty garden shredder should positively end with Earthquake 18493 Chipper shredder.

Features of Earthquake 18493 Chipper Shredder

The shredder chipper is equipped with a 212 cc Viper engine. The engine is capable of creating a 20 percent better level of vacuum compared to the other machines currently available. Weighing 54 Kgs, it should be one of the best heavy duty garden shredders you can opt for.

One of the best options for a professional use, the garden shredder chipper can mulch up even the branches with a diameter of 75 mm! The wheels which are large enough should be able to handle the rough terrain of the garden and offer easy moving around.

The waste collection bag has a bottom out the zipper for draining out the chips and also offers a dock and lock connector for the bag. What’s more, the heavy duty garden shredder will offer you a five years manufacturing warranty!


  • Easy to store as it can fit a compact position in a room.
  • Larger wheels at 11-inch diameter provide a greater stability to move.
  • Earthquake 18493 is a heavy duty garden shredder that also features a handlebar to help out in aligning the centre of gravity.
  • The waste collection bag has been treated to be the best in the industry.

Pros and Cons of Earthquake 18493 Chipper Shredder

   Pros    Cons
  • Earthquake 18493 Chipper Shredder is indeed a heavy duty shredder with its features and produces faster shredded compost.
  • Can mulch the smaller trees instantly.
  • It can handle the huge trees like Oak, Dogwood, and Cypress.
  • It is the only shredder that comes with a vacuum kit
  • Suction pressure in the vacuum mode appears to be a little lower.
  • Sound levels are a little higher and may need an additional protection of ears.
  • It works well with Branches and leafs but doesn’t work well with branches more than 3 inches diameter
  • The waste collection does not fill to the full capacity

The Earthquake 18493 Chipper shredder is an excellent option for almost all your needs. In fact, what makes it a great choice is it works as the best heavy duty garden shredder and offers you an excellent performance without a need to worry about the length of cord.

7. Worx 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher Review – Best Seller Garden Shredder on Amazon


The Garden shredders and chippers are an excellent option for taking care of your garden debris, but what about the leaves which amount to be the most heavy contributors to the debris? Worx 13 Amp Electric leaf mulcher is possibly the best industrial garden shredder for your needs.

Features of  Worx 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher

Come autumn, and you will understand the need for the leaf mulchers. One of the best industrial garden shredders for all your needs in taking care of piles of leaves, it can decimate the leaves to the 1/11th of its size. The leaf mulcher can process 53 gallons of leaves per hour and collects them in the waste collection bag.

One of the best industrial garden shredders, it has a line diameter of 0.9 inches and a cutting diameter of 13 inches. It does away the need for the dangerous blades and opts for the grinder for mulching the leaves. The garden shredder does not come with a collection bag but gives you an option of connecting a plastic or a paper bag.

The best industrial garden shredder comes with an air motor cleaning system for doing away with dust that can block the leaves and debris.


  • It offers you a bladeless mulching functionality
  • The mulcher comes with a professional quality mulching line making it an excellent choice for the best industrial garden shredder.
  • A design free of tools makes it an ideal option from the safety point of view.

Pros and Cons of Worx 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher

   Pros    Cons
  • Easy to use tool free functionality
  • Light weight and easy portability are the highlights of this best industrial garden shredder.
  • Works in an excellent manner with the green/dry leaves and grasss.
  • Convert your garden waste into a rich mulch easily
  • The length is a bit shorter and thus can be a trouble to work with if you need to use a larger leaf bag.
  • Not Suitable for Twigs and branches
  • Creates dust and as such a face mask may be needed.
  • Mulching the dry leaves may be dangerous, and you would need an ear protection as well.

One of the best industrial garden shredders, it is light weight, portable and simple to work with. Of course, the cutting strings are delicate and may need frequent changes, it creates high quality mulch for flowerbeds, garden and also doubles up as the good compost.

8. Eco-Shredder ES1600 Electric Chipper, Shredder, Mulcher Review


Eco Shredder is perhaps one of the excellent choices for all your needs in cleaning up your yard. It can handle practically any of the debris you may have had including twigs, leaves, smaller branches and what not.

Features of  Eco-Shredder ES1600 14-Amp Electric Chipper / Shredder / Mulcher

Eco Shredder ES1600 is capable of handling 35 mm branch shredding diameter. That should be enough to work with your smaller gardens. It doubles up as chipper, shredder, and mulcher. The 14 amp and 2.5 HP motor are capable of reducing the twigs, branches and all other debris into a 10:1 ratio.

The product is lightweight and offers you 7-inch wheels for ergonomic handles. The three-way feed comes with an easier and quicker processing functionality. You also have access to a overload protection that ensures safety. It comes with a quieter and cleaner functionality in cleaning your garden.

The compact design and a light weight function makes it an easier option to an easier storage at a shed and workshop. The rounded chute would make it easier and simple and free to maintain. The triple action cutting and mulching would make it a good option to go with.


  • The ability to reduce the ratio by 10:1 is what would make it a great choice in every right. This will help you produce good quality mulch.
  • It comes with additional extra blades within the package.
  • Easier to work with no gasoline and associated fumes.

Pros and Cons of Eco-Shredder ES1600 14-Amp Electric Chipper / Shredder / Mulcher

   Pros    Cons
  • The multi feed system that aids in mulch, chip and shreds the garden waste.
  • High-end safety functionality with an overload switch
  • A quieter operation that does not disturb the neighbors
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Price to performance ratio is not the best in ideal conditions.
  • Though the branch shredding diameter is 35 mm, it struggles with branches above I inch dia.
  • Large branches needed to be pre-processed before feeding in this shredder

The electronic motor ensures that it is completely economic in operation. It saves both time and money as it aids you in everything related to mulching and shredding. It should be one of the good options for carrying out the minor activities around the yard.

9. Hecht Electric Garden Shredder 2500 Watts Review


In case you are looking for electric garden shredders with a simple functionality and a good waste collection box for the purpose. Of course, it does come with a high-end branding but offers you an excellent functionality and features.

Features of  Hecht Electric Garden Shredder – 2500 Watts

The powerful 2500 Watts motor provides you with an excellent shredding experience. The 50-litre waste collection capacity should ideally make it a good alternative for the best electric garden shredders.

The 40 mm branch shredding diameter would make it a great choice. It would help you take care of even the medium-sized trees with ease and simplicity. If you are looking for the safety precautions provided within the tool, you will find the overload protector option quite handy enough.

The Benefits

  • The lower price and an excellent functionality
  • An excellent product to chop longer and larger twigs and branches.
  • It can be a good option for hedge trimming.
  • One of the best options for the light work.

Pros and Cons of Hecht Electric Garden Shredder – 2500 Watts

   Pros    Cons
  • It does what it promises to do.
  • It can chop the branches and twigs into smaller pieces easily.
  • The 40 mm branch shredding capability should make it a great option.
  • The plug cable is too short. You may need an external cord or extension for handling it efficiently.
  • The mouth of the shredder is a little too tight, thus making handling it a little tougher.

Hecht Electric Garden Shredder is one of the most affordable options to go with and one of the best electric garden shredders lets you work with efficiency. Though it may be a little difficult to work with the leaves, it can be a good option for working with branches and twigs efficiently.

10. Draper 35900 230-Volt 2,400-Watt Garden Shredder Review


The high performance device from Draper, it is indeed a great value for money and offers you high end performance. The brand Draper is known for its efficiency and durability. In fact, the brand is popular enough in the United Kingdom.

Features of  Draper 35900 230-Volt 2,400-Watt Garden Shredder

It is one of those excellent three blade-style shredders that have been considered to be the excellent garden shredders. Designed with both convenience and safety in mind, the garden waste shredder can handle twigs and branches of up to 40 mm in diameter.

The 2400 Watts motor is powerful enough and comes with twin reversible blade. This improves the cutting performance. From the safety point of view, you have access to a built-in emergency brake and restart mechanism. You can even remove the blockage with quick release housing interlock.

The affordable pricing should be one of the other advantages you would find impressive enough. Coming from a brand that has been a popular option for over 90 years, we consider it a worthy choice.


  • Coming from a brand known for best electric garden shredders, it offers you all the benefits that you pay it for.
  • It can even manage to shred twigs and leaves that most of the shredders fail to achieve.
  • Though the green and soft items tend to clog it up, the usability is a lot more improved
  • Easy to assemble, use and clean up – so you would not need to have a manual for the purpose.

Pros and Cons of Draper 35900 230-Volt 2,400-Watt Garden Shredder

   Pros    Cons
  • The reversible blades would make it a great choice in terms of the best electric garden shredder as you can have more life squeezed in.
  • With 2400 Watts power, it is an excellent option for home garden
  • Easier to operate and clean up
  • It can clog up if you tend to use green stuff like leaves and soft twigs
  • The bag that comes with the shredder is quite flimsy. Of course, you can go with any bag of your preference.

With that information, we can say that Draper 35900 Garden Shredder is one of the excellent shredders to opt for. Though the cable length is shorter enough, it compensates the functionality with the other additional features. The capability to shred branches of up to 40 mm would make it a great choice.

A Few Questions with respect to Garden Shredders

Now that we have checked out the top options available for the high-end garden shredders, let us check out a few questions you may have with respect to how to use them. Let us address a couple of these questions here.

How Does Garden Shredders Work?

Ideally, you feed the organic compound like branches and twigs into the top of the machine. This part of the garden shredder is called hopper. The hopper will then break the material and shred it.

Shredding can take place with the use of rotating blades, cogs or flail hammers. One side of blades handles leaves while the other side handles the twigs and branches. Please note that the exact operation will depend on the shredder you have chosen.

How to Sharpen Garden Shredder Blades?

Sharpening the chipper blades will ensure that you tend to get a better life. Of course, the amount of sharpening will be dependent upon the amount of damage caused to the blades.

Ensure that you are opting for the proper tools for sharpening the blades. Grinding the blades may not be a good choice as it can generate huge heat and thus damage their overall life further. A wet wheel can be an excellent choice. You can even use a professional grinder for the purpose. Make sure that you are sharpening the entire set of the blades. Even when only one of the blades has gone dull, it would be advisable to sharpen all the blades. This will help you keep the functioning proper.

Over sharpening of the blades is a strong No No. This can make the blades break. If you are unsure of what is the amount of sharpening you need, you can seek the guidance from a professional.

What to do with Garden Shredder Waste?

The garden shredder waste can be used for a plenty of purposes. One of the best uses you can put it for would be to use it as mulch for the flowerbed or similar other options. You can employ it for composting so that you will get enough manure for the trees, and other ornamental plants you have built.

They can be used for working into garden flowerbeds. But, take care that you are not using the shreds that can reseed as they develop into weeds again.

Which Garden Shredder I should buy?

That can be a tricky question, and the choices we have provided above should be helpful for you. Ideally, most of the gardeners love going with the electric garden shredders. If you are buying an electric garden shredder, it should be essential to go with the one with a sufficient cable length. Of course, you will also need to go with an extension box if required.

You may also need to make the right choice between the speed and noise. However, you may need to make a choice between the sound and the speed. Impact shredders tend to be noisier than the roller shredders.

Finally, we assume the tips we have provided at the beginning for the best buying guide for the best garden shredders would be helpful enough. You can even go with the professional advice from the experts.

How to Use a Garden Shredder?

Well, there are a few options you need to consider before using the garden shredder. Some of the points you need to consider include

  • Never try doing too much at a time. What we mean by that is to try chipping and shredding little into the hopper. Rushing through can damage your machine.
  • Many shredders fail to chip or shred the leaves and soft twigs. Don’t force these items if your shredder does not support it.
  • Take care of the size limits. If your shredder supports branch diameter of 35 mm, make sure you stick to a size of one inch or slightly above.

If you take enough care of your machine and its limitations, you will definitely stand to gain years of trouble-free service.

What is the Purpose of Mulch

  • Prevents Weed Growth:
    Mulch in a flower bed will help prevent germination of weeds and other unwanted plant growth
  • Prevents Soil Erosion:
    Mulch can prevent soil erosion from wind and water
  • Regulates Soil Temperature:
    A thick layer of mulch in a flower bed will regulate the soil temperature by cooling down soil in the summer and insulating it in the winter
  • Encourages Organism Growth:
    Mulch encourages the growth of organisms in the soil, including worms, which improves the soil quality and increases the level of nutrients in the soil
  • Easy to Make:
    Mulch can be made of wood chips, grass clippings, dead leaves, and any other organic plant materials.

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