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Best Car Air Purifiers 2020 Ionizer & Ozonator – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews.

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Car air purifier decontaminates the air from a car. These contaminants include pollutants from outside of the car, cigarette smoke, dust, pollens, and different allergens. A car air purifier is best for allergy sufferers, but healthy people can use this device as well. Through a car air purifier, the environment inside a car can become more breathable. There are a few different types of air purifiers that you can buy for your vehicle (including car air purifier ionizer, ozone generator, etc.)

Before buying any of these gadgets, you must know about their working and which one works the best for you.

How does a car air purifier work?

Car air purifiers are similar to air purifiers used at homes. They work with the same principle but the only difference is that they are smaller in size, suitable to your car’s area. Car air purifiers use HEPA filters (HEPA means High-Efficiency Particulate Air). These HEPA filters seize about 99% of particles from the air and purify it. After capturing those particles, car air purifiers throw those particles out of the car. This way, the air inside a vehicle becomes clean, fresh, and healthy.

Car Air Ionizer

Car Air Ionizer has units that can be plugged into the cigarette sockets. They are typically designed to ionize the air instead of filtering it.  It is suitable for people suffering from asthmas and breathing problems.

How does a car air ionizer work?

The working of a car air ionizer is effortless. Instead of using a fan like a car air purifier, car air purifier ionizer releases negatively charged ions in the air. These ions attract positively charged dust and smoke particles, bacteria, and other types of pollutants and create bonds with them. As a result, the contaminants become too big and bulky to float in the air, and they eventually fall.

Car ozone Generator

Car ozone generators kill pollutants such as bacteria by producing ozone gas inside a car. This device again doesn’t purify the air; instead, it just kills the alive contaminants.

How does a car ozone generator work?

A car purifier ozone generator produces ozone gas in the car. The ozone gas is produced by breaking the oxygen molecules. This process occurs by an electrical discharge or a UV radiations discharge that usually breaks the oxygen molecules present in the air of the cars into two single atoms. After this another oxygen molecule attaches to the single atom and forms ozone gas. This ozone gas kills the bacteria.

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After understanding the concepts of these three distinct devices, you might be wondering: “Which one is better to be used in my car?” Well, I have an answer to this question as well.Car air purifiers don’t produce any harmful chemicals; instead, they only use fans and filters to take the infected air out of the car. There’s no known harm of an air purifier. An air purifier also works for all types of odors and particles.

An air ionizer is a good option as well, but the thing with car air purifier ionizer is that it only stops the pollutants from floating in the air. Car air ionizers don’t take those pollutants out of the cars. If you have the time to clean your vehicle after using an air ionizer, then this device is not a bad option.

Now, the remaining device is a car air purifier ozone generator. Ozone is a gas in which breathing for a long time is not advised. For using a car air purifier ozone generator, you must be out of the car. Again, by this device, the problematic air doesn’t leave your car, and the chances are that lousy odor might stay as well. Therefore, an ozonator is not the best thing to invest.

And between a car air purifier and ionizer, an air purifier is better, but it depends upon your preferences.

Top 10 best car air purifiers of 2020

To help you better, I have chosen the best car air purifiers for you. You will find comprehensive car air purifier reviews and car air purifier ionizer reviews. So, you don’t have to invest more time.

Product Features Editor's Rating Product Sales Page
 Philips GoPure Compact 200 Car Air Purifier
  • High Quality Air Purifier from Philips
  • 3x better smoke removal
  • In-Built Sensor indicates current Air Quality
  • 3 Stage Filtering provides best Air Purification
 Airthereal B50 Mini Ozone Generator
  • Mini Ozone Generator, Generates 10-50mg/h ozone
  • Sterilises Air by Killing Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses
  • To be used in Unoccupied Space only
  • Noise level is less than 34dBA
  • 1 year warranty
 Aireox CAR 22D Air Purifier
  • A high Quality Air Freshener for home, Office or Car
  • 10 Pounds Bigger Air Freshener
  • Needs more space in Car than other small Air Fresheners
  • 6 months Filter replacement time
 VentiFresh – Odor neutralizer cat litter deodorizer
  • Good Quality Air Purifier
  • Uses DC5V USB power, so need to change battery
  • Easy Convenient and Safe Operation
  • A Project that got funded on Indiegogo
 One Earth Health – Car Air Purifier
  • Smoke and Odor Eliminator
  • Effective upto 330 Sq. Ft Area
  • Advertised with Lifetime Warranty
  • Kills Germs and Bacteria, E-coli, mold and Mildew
  • No Refills Required
 FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator
  • A Good Ozone Generator
  • Removes ordors from Pets, smoke, shoes, decorative items etc
  • For use in small spaces, shoe rack, bathroom, car etc
  • Long Stand-by Time. One time charge can give 7 days of operation
  • 1 year warranty
 Fresh Air – Car Air Purifier, Ionizer
  • Of of the Best Air Ionizers
  • Removes Odors and Cigarette Smells
  • No Refills or Filters needed
 FRiEQ Car Air Purifier, Car Air Freshener
  • High Efficiency Air Purifier
  • Destroys Odor Causing Particles
  • Compact Design
  • Plug-in Power Port in Car
 Earth Air - Car Air Freshener
  • Cheap Air Freshener
  • Simple Operation
  • Plugged into Car Power Port
 iCyberCore Odor Eliminating Car Air Purifier
  • Good Car Air Ionizer Air Purifier
  • Eliminates harmful Particles, allergens and pollutants
  • Simple Operation, Plugin Power Port in Car

Best Car Air Purifier Reviews

Here is detailed review of Best Car Air Purifiers. These Air Purifiers were reviewed and ranked based on several criterion including Brand, Purifier type, Refills, Battery/Power Options, Features, Price, Warranty etc. Hope these reviews will help you make a better and informed purchase decision

1- Philips GoPure Compact 200 Car Air Purifier Review



Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier has an automatic system that purifies your air. This car air purifier has an exceptionally high air purification power that removes all the contaminants from your car and freshens up the atmosphere. This air purifier is the best car air purifier for smokers as it purifies the air from carcinogens using HESA technology. It is easy to set up and use.

Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier, unfortunately, doesn’t work the best on low settings. On low settings, it barely takes out any air from your car, and due to some reason, the car air purifier turns off automatically after some time whether or not it purified the air completely.

2- Airthereal B50 Mini Ozone Generator Plug-in Air Purifier


Mini Ozone Generator by Airthereal is quite a champion due to its price range that is extremely low. This device is preferably a deodorizer than a purifier. It does everything it says from getting rid of fusty odor to killing bacteria and other such pollutants. It also is very silent while working.

This device shouldn’t be left on for too long as it can even start to kill bugs. Moreover, it is harmful to humans to breath in ozone. The setting system of this mini ozone generator is not the ideal because nothing changes whether you set it on maximum or minimum. At all settings, it works the same.

3- Aireox CAR 22D Air Purifier 


Airox Car Air Purifier removes contaminants almost immediately and makes the car smell as good as new. The price range might be a little high, but it is worth it. Because unlike some other devices, it is not cheaply built. This car air purifier is ideal for all purposes such as removing contaminants from the air, getting rid of bad odor, etc. It has 2 pounds of activated charcoal that does the job of purifying the air.

Airox Car Air Purifier is a little loud when it is working. If the sound of it can be ignored, then it is a great deal.

After knowing about the best car air purifiers, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to choose one for yourself. There are many benefits of breathing in healthy and purified air. Therefore, get one for vehicle NOW!

4- VentiFresh – Odor neutralizer cat litter deodorizer, cat Odor eliminator for garbage


VentiFresh Odor Neutralizer gets rid of bad smell in no time. It is eco-friendly as it doesn’t use any gas to purify the air. It uses fans and filters. The size of it is suitable to be put anywhere. Due to its durable purification quality, it is the best car air purifier for smokers.

VentiFresh Odor Neutralizer makes a loud humming noise that might be irritating for some users. Another thing is that its UV light could be a little stronger to make it work better.

5- One Earth Health – Car Air Purifier Ozone Generator


Ozone generator by One Earth Health is great to get rid of the musty odor that can often be smelled inside a car due to various reasons. It is small in size and can be used anywhere. Another thing about this air purifier is that it is silent. It doesn’t have a bugging noise that might annoy some people.

The only setback about this device is that it can’t be used when people are around. It is only to be used when the car is empty and for a short period due to the harms of ozone gas.

6- FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator,Portable Ozone Machine


FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator purifies the air and kills the contaminants as well. It works more quickly than other devices. It has two settings; blue light and green light. The main difference other than the light, of course, is that the time sequence is different. By the blue light setting, you can get back in your car just in 20 minutes after it has been turned off.

This mini ozone generator as the name suggests can be too small for big cars and trucks. Being a mini generator, it produces a little amount of ozone. But it can still be the best car air purifier for smoke.

7- Fresh Air – Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Car Air Freshener, Ionic Air Purifier, Air Cleaner


Car Air Purifier by Fresh Air purifies the air by using the ionizing method. To be clear, it is a car air purifier ionizer. Car air fresheners only remove the odour but don’t clean the air. Unlike those, this air purifier by Fresh Air not only eliminates the scent but also cleans the air emitting negative ions in it. It is tiny in size and best for any car size or area.

This car air purifier is best for light scents, but it is not the best car air purifier for smoke. It partially gets rid of the smell of smoke.

8- FRiEQ Car Air Purifier, Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier


FRiEQ Car Air Purifier and Car Air Freshener uses the principle of ionizing. It releases ions in the air and removes contaminants from it. It gets rid of the moldy smell, bacteria, and other pollutants. It is almost silent as well.

This car air purifier ionizer takes its time to work. With this device, you can’t expect bad odor to vanish from your car immediately.

9- Earth Air – Car Air Freshener


Earth Air Car Air Freshener is a car air purifier specifically designed for removing smoke. It is the best car air purifier for smoke. It also removes other pollutants from cars and moldy and chemically smells. This car air freshener doesn’t necessarily get rid of bacteria but only the bad odor. It might not be ideal for purification or to be used for allergy sufferers.

If you are looking for an air freshener that works within a few minutes, then this might not be for you. This car air freshener requires a little while to work. You need to keep it on for a minimum of 30 minutes to notice anything.

10- iCyberCore Odor Eliminating Car Air Purifier


If you are a smoker, this air purifier is ideal for you. It certainly does the work of removing smoke from the air of a car and purifying the air. It has a unique design as well. The best thing about this is that it has a dual USB port and it comes with a 3 in 1 USB cable.

It is safe to be used around children as it doesn’t leave any smell behind. Moreover, it doesn’t even make a noise. The only setback that this device is that it might wiggle out of its place at times. It might be because of the connector being too loose.

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