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 Amazfit Verge Review – Smartwatch Review, Pros & Cons, Specifications

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Our Verdict

Xiaomi Huami Amazefit Verge is an excellent Smartwatch and is a cheaper alternate to fitness tracker with the likes of Fitbit Surge or Fitbit Charge 3. Its a Smartwatch that lets you surf music, GPS functioning, SMS alerts and attending calls. Its also a fitness tracker that allows you track and monitor 11 different activities. Its a reasonably priced watch that won’t disappoint you given its amazing features.

The Good

Its cheaper than most of big name Smartwatches while having most useful functions like answering calls, GPS, different apps. It gives you 11 different watch faces while others are downloadable.  On the fitness tracking side, it can help you in 11 different health activities. It has excellent battery of 5 days in normal use mode. With the Amazefit Verge app, you can track all your activities on your Smartphone

The Bad

Amzefit Verge Smartwatch is not something that you should prefer while going for swimming. If you are health conscious and require most accurate health and activity readings, then either use some fitness tracker or some other smartwatch. Its has basic health and activity tracking features that no doubt is very good. One more thing, its GPS is not very much accurate. Take it into consideration. Nevertheless, its a Good Smartwatch given this price.

Amazfit by Xiamo has introduced various smartwatches over the period of time like Bip and the Stratos. Presently, the Amazfit Verge is launched and it is combined with a finest and improved display, an athletic outlook with a rather more tempting price.

The Verge Smartwatches provides the options to dial and receive calls, excellent display, louder speaker and added features of health. It is more durable in contrast to its earlier versions with a wide range of fitness tracking applications. The Amazfit Verge is one of its kind watches to own. Before heading to read Xiaomi Huami Amazefit Verge review, don’t forget to check our Fitness Trackers Buying Guide.

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Amazfit Verge Battery excellence

The Amazfit Verge has a 390mAh battery and it is asserted to last for five days with reasonable usage. Whereas in continuous use with the brightest display, GPS monitoring and heart rate calculations, the battery lasted for two to three days. The battery life increases depending on the usage of apps. If the heart rate is manual and the automatic display is powered off, then the batter can last for four days approximately. Recharging the battery requires only two hours with a 10W charging slab. It can also be charged by PC and will require same time. It can be concluded, that the battery timing and recharging option of the Amazfit Verge are quite compelling.

Improvement of Design

The amazfit verge is relatively smaller than other watches of its series. It is 43mm in diameter and 12.6mm thinner instead of being 46mm and 13.9 mm respectively. It weighs only 46 grams, which feels more like bedding on your wrist rather than sitting on it. it goes without saying that the watch is unisex.  The AMOLED technology is utilized in it is a display which makes it usable both indoors and outdoors. It measures 1.3 inches and it is protected with Gorilla Glass 3. The AMOLED technology makes the display brighter and efficient color reproduction, especially of blacks. The display is adequately complemented with the colors of UI icons and the official watch faces appear mesmeric on the display. One can choose always on display option that will exhibit time and few other primary information even on the lowest brightness. This is helpful in saving battery.

Applications and Watch Faces

The Amazfit Verge consists of eleven built-in watch faces whereas allowing it to utilize its third-party watch faces as well. The Amazfit Watch faces are the most optimal destination to download fully developed watch faces without any charges. One can download watch faces in WFZ format and can be transferred to watch by connecting it to the computer through USB portal.


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Health features

The Amazfit Verge has eleven sports modes. There is also inbuilt GPS with GLONASS and Double satellite positioning available in it. The main tracking feature in the Amazfit Verge is the heart rate, monitor. It monitors heart rate continuously without any intermittent tracking system. The amazfit verge is modeled with up to date algorithms and highest accuracy for monitoring the heart rate. It will notify if you experience any irregularity in your heartbeat rhythm. There is an optical sensor placed in the watch that accurately measures the activities.


Nonetheless, the Amazfit verge does not focus on Blood Pressure. For sleep tracking, it gathers the time of light and sleep times. Moreover, it can keep track of naps during the day as well. In addition, the watch has Accelerometer, just like Apple Watch Series 4, Ambient light sensors, Geomagnetic Sensors, Gyroscope, and Air Pressure Sensor.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Verge: specifications

First, let’s take a quick look at the specs of Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Verge.

Product name
Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Verge smart watch
1.3 inch,360 x 360 pixels
Product size (L x W x H)
22.60 x 4.30 x 1.26 cm / 8.9 x 1.69 x 0.5 inches
Product weight
0.0460 kg
Dial size
4.30 x 4.30 × 1.26cm
Compatible OS
Android4.4 / iOS9.0 or above
Standby time
5 days
Charging time
About 2.5hour
Battery capacity
IP rating
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 4.0
Other features
Heart rate monitor,display health parameters,sync sports data,remote camera,sleep monitor,anti-lost


Pros and Cons of Apple Watch Series 4

   Pros    Cons
  • Athletic design
  • Compact build
  • AMOLED display with enhanced readability.
  • Enhanced fitness tracking applications
  • Programmed brightness
  • Louder speaker for audio
  • In built WIFI and USB portal
  • Third party watch faces applicable

  • Singular strap design
  • Does not support third party application
  • Not ideal to use during swimming
  • Less controls for the smartphone applications


Considering in mind the reasonable price of Amazefit Verge, it is not biased to assert that it is a good Smartwatch. It is available in blue, grey and white color. It is cheaper than its previous version Amazefit Stratos.  The most striking feature is the AMOLED display and lesser weight at a cheaper price. The easy connectivity of the Amazfit verge to the computer is an added factor apart from the built-in Wi-Fi.

Nonetheless, apart from being on the Android software, it does not support the third-party applications. In addition, the corresponding Amazfit application for Android as well the iOS does not have the important features required for the settings of the application. Moreover, the sync is not efficient. Since there is no watch face for swimming, it cannot be favored by professional swimmers.

Overall, there is a big “YES” to Amazfit Verge as the effective smartwatch in this price range yet it has a few limitations as discussed. Nonetheless, the Amazfit Verge is one amazingly worthy expenditure.

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