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Top 10 Smartphones for playing PUBG Mobile Game

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Earlier people were using mobiles for calls and messages. It slowly evolved for the use of camera and now it is majorly used for playing games as part of relaxation. There are many games categorized based on the age, type of game, and level of difficulty and even on genders. Among all the games the most trending game now is the PUBG Mobile which has attracted all age group players. This is an online game which includes multiple players at the same time and allows them to experience the virtual reality. PUBG Mobile is an evolution of action games which involves online players from different parts of the world. This game requires high-quality graphics, High definition screen and long life battery which enable uninterrupted play.

PUBG Mobile Game can be played from any smartphone which has an internet connection, a charger plugged in, and speakers at the full sound. But, what will it be to experience it to the fullest-just like the designers designed it? That is why some selected mobiles are ranked based on user experience to play this game as it was designed for. How to choose the best mobile compatible for graphics and internet for this game? We have listed the top 10 mobiles compatible for this game depending on user experience. Use our guide to choose your mobile model and version for a better experience. So here is the guide of best phones for PUBG

  1. iPhone XS Max

The PUBG game is available for the Android as well as the iOS devices and the best version can be experienced in the iPhone XS Max. This mobile phone tends to provide the user with a high definition quality and also a long-lasting battery which allows you to play for a very long time. The best experience is in quality, speed, and performance.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The biggest and brightest screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 enables you to play the game with whole new experience and also the latest Snapdragon and Exynos CPUs allow full functioning without hanging. PUBG requires the players to stay online for progressing in the game and this mobile enables the performance.

  1. One Plus 6

One Plus 6 Latest design, top-notch software updates, and the 6 or 8 GB RAM allows you to move at the faster phase and win the games very easily. Fast experience with the fast RAM and also allows staying connected for a long time. The brand says it all – gamer designing and new model in the trend best suited for gaming and camera experience.

  1. Razor Phone 2

Large screen, heavy battery, and latest upgraded RAM of Razor Phone 2 allow the player to enjoy the uninterrupted gaming. Better phone with better display and fast running RAM for better performance and gaming experience. This phone is not that familiar in India yet other countries are investing in this model as it gives a better gaming experience when it comes to online games.

  1. Honor Play

Honor Play comes with very amazing features such as GPU Turbo technology, increased efficiency, and performance up to 60 percent, fast-charging feature suit the PUBG requirements as it needs a fast charging battery and continuous use of internet along with fast moving graphics. Though this phone is not famous for its other uses, it is one of the best-bated phones for a gaming experience.

  1. iPhone X

This is similar to the iPhone XS whereas this one has a lesser battery life, high definition bigger and brighter screen for better play and the latest version of iOS-compatible for a better run. The battery life is moderate yet it has the fast charging feature which enables continuous play.

  1. Asus Zenfone Max Pro

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro comes with Latest Snapdragon, 3/4/6 GB Ram with up to 64GB internal memory to save the game progress, and also to enjoy the smooth running without glitches. This mobile helps you with the right set of speed and right set of graphics. The reputation for this brand is well-known and it still holds its position in the market for its enhanced performance and gaming experience. These amazing features makes it one of the best phone for PUBG.

  1. Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony Xperia ZX2 has High definition screen, front-facing dual speakers for full sound effects, expandable up to 400GB to store all the data of the game, long lasting battery life. Sony is always known for its gaming quality and it has proved it again with the PUBG game. This is one of the best Indian brands for gaming devices.

  1. Moto Z2 Force

Though Moto Z2 Force fails to give a long life battery, it has won with the feature of having an individual gaming console for mobile which has earned this position on top 10. The PUBG game involves a lot of movement and shooting which may sometimes be interrupted with normal touchscreen options. With Moto Z2 Force, this can be avoided as they provide a separate gaming console specially made for this mobile.

  1. Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2XL has a huge and high definition display and there is nothing else to say much about this mobile. The latest software updates, high definition resolution screen, and a nominal battery life are the features of Google Pixel 2 XL. PUBG is an evolving high graphic content game and this mobile is compatible with those graphics options.

Final Words

The best gaming experience is obtained from the best quality mobiles which enable the user to feel and get the experience of the game in real. With a developing technological era, the devices also tend to evolve accordingly to meet the needs of the buyer. Every mobile is designed to give the better experience for the user as the User Experience is the primary factor for promoting the brand and features of that mobile. The trending top-notch game PUBG is reaching all nooks and corners of the world and people are carving for the latest model phones to play it to the fullest. The mobile companies are also ensuring that their model and design fits these trending needs so that the user will be satisfied with the product. The list of mobiles given here helps you to identify your right choice and again it completely depends on individual experience. The PUBG game is designed to pump the adrenaline of the player and give the best gaming experience. Choose the right mobile for the right experience!

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