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Top 10 Best Android Games of November 2018

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Android is enriched with millions of games by enhancing and improving the quality of the games. There are various assortments of Games that have a large number of categories and selections for game lovers to choose from but having said that people find it to be a very hard task to get the best game on Google play store to play, which is second to none. There are a whole lot of skilled, as well as dedicated, people who generally tend to get addicted to the game and not only that but they also tend to spend most of the time over playing the game.

Without keeping you waiting any longer, here you have got you the list of Top 10 cool actions games of November 2018

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is popularly known as Player Unknown Battle Grounds which is one of the best trending games of 2018 which is efficiently bending the games sector to a whole new level in a specific direction. This game is about a free survival act of shooting where a free player is dropped on an island with some 99 other players to frame the survival. It is available for both Android mobile as well as laptops. With so much popularity since its release, PUBG is No. 1 in our ranking of Best android games for November 2018

Even you have a parachute in it to dive onto an island, loot buildings, and which at the end of the game leads to the survival in the end. You can play it as a solo player. In fact, only that but you can also create a squad of not more than 4 players. PUBG is ultimately growing to a different level with every update. It is one of the best addicting game of 2018.

Price = Free

2. Battlelands Royale

The level of games on the Android platform is furnishing in the world. One such game is the Battlelands Royale which combines a top-down perspective as well as the cartoony graphics with a last man standing. It is one of the only games which are one of its kinds on a battle Royale formula which is termed as the casual as well as a relaxing game of few minutes.

In addition to that, it also has a parachute just like in PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Grounds) but having said that, there are 29 opponents in this game. You have to completely remove and get rid of your enemies with weapons, armour, and ammo. There is a limit to carrying a single gun by every player which may not be extending further. Even duo can be created for a team effort. The Battlelands Royale is going to be updated soon with better weapons and armour for more modern and better execution. The game is freely available on the Play store in any android devices.

Price = Free

3. Suzy Cube

The work on the other side of the Suzy cube has been done for a very long time. It is developed by Indie Developer and is a platform for action-packed games which is full of activity as well as excitement. On the Android device, one can easily download it and enjoy playing this amazing game. The graphics, to a certain degree, are like Super Mario 3D. For most of the time, a character of titular is played who goes out on an adventure to set her family’s fortune. This makes it a very enthusiastic and exciting game of all times.

The enemies can be defeated without any difficulty by jumping on the heads. On the other hand, some other obstacles can be dodged with quick reflexes. It has a good console quality which is specially brought into existence for mobile devices. One can make a purchase of this game for $3.99 on the Google Play store.

Price = $3.99


The list of action games is large which also includes ICEY. It is an unassuming trial made with a 2D side-scrolling feature. It also plays a character of titular who acts as a mysterious cybernetic warrior. This character circulates throughout the game which in turn tends to make it an exciting platform to play. The controls of the game are tight where new skills are unlocked and upgraded to the next level.

Further, there are different levels and trophies to be unlocked at each stage of the game. ICEY is one of the best games in terms of side-scrolling. That’s why it is included in the list of best android games. In the event that you are a lover of an indie game then you ought to play this game for sure.

Price = Free

5. Death Road to Canada

Death road to Canada seems to be an exceptionally good choice when you are dropping money as well as looking forward to a good replay value in a game. Every player makes a unique experience in this game of road-trip. A player can generate a random or custom design of character with a number of attributes to remain alive. The game is quite designable too and even kids can play it without much trouble to understand the features.

The controls have a steep learning curve. In the game, you have to learn that what weapons must be used and when. There are other 10 different modes to be unlocked in the game. This game costs about $ 9.99 on the Play store.

Price = $9.99

6. Stranger Things

There was also a series on Netflix as Stranger Things and the ultimate game of it is also released now. The game is set in Hawkins with a Police Chief who searches for a small kid. The game is a complete mixture of puzzles as well as actions.

As the game proceeds, you will get to know many other characters along with their different abilities. The characters are designable and can be designed as per the user’s choice. There are fantastic characters as you will find them in series of Stranger things. The upgraded version of the game is also available now. One can easily download the game for free from the play store.

Price = Free

7. Death Point

Android is a sea of games. Death point is shooting game which follows the top-down mechanism. There is a spy who shoots against the enemies in the post-apocalyptic world. The main goal of the game lies in saving the other members of your team. Also, there is an operator who tries to communicate you through the technology. The technological use is made to a great extent.

The level of the graphic is quite good with different levels of the light. You can easily sense when you are hidden or visible in the light. Once you play it, you will get to know every sequence of the game as well as the tricks in order to avoid making mistakes.


Price = $2.20

8. Island Delta

Island Delta is one of the emerging games which were developed in Noodle cake Studios. It is also an action game which follows top-down approach for Android mobiles. There are two heroes, Baxter and Zeo, with whom you will explore an island.

The anti-gravity gun helps you to sort out the puzzle. With challenging figures, this game has won hearts. The game joint is with reward in terms of checkpoints. You can win with maximum checkpoints. The graphics, as well as the designing part of the game, is out of the world. At each point of the game, you will meet with an evil Doctor along with his army. The game doesn’t cost ($0.99) much and it is easily available on the play store for Android devices.

Price = $0.99

9. Downwell

A retro-style action game is on the cards. The game is simple and addictive. You have to jump down the well as far as possible. While you sink down, you will meet with some destructive enemies. Your goal is to go down and destroy every enemy with a gun.

The graphics used are cool with simple controls. The jumping is not as easy as it sounds. At each stage, you will also get some additional power to speed up. For a better approach, you need to upgrade your weapon at different points of the game. More the number of enemies killed, better is the chance of your winning.

Price = $2.50

10. Penarium

The game is created by Team 17 and is a tough platform to play. Penarium features quick reflexes along with the fast-paced action. The game tells the tale of Willy who goes on an adventure. Penarium is basically a circus in the town with extravagant activities.

The graphics with a better performance makes the game an addictive platform. The game is divided into two modes: Arcade and Campaign. In Campaign mode, you can unlock the additional arenas whereas in Arcade mode you need to collect coins to survive. The game is paid and available on android mobiles for $1.99.

Price = $1.99

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    ReplyJoseph November 16, 2018

    Thanks But please provide list of all free games next time

    • avatar image
      ReplyBrianNash November 17, 2018

      Please wait for our list of best android games for Dec 2018

  • avatar image
    ReplySabrina James November 16, 2018

    Lots of people are playing Pubg. But can you please guide how to play PuBG as I am clueless how to play it I installed PuBG Mobile but I couldn't understand what's the mission and how to play

    • avatar image
      ReplyBrianNash November 17, 2018

      Hi Sabrina. Please wait a few days we will upload PUBG Playing Guide on our site

  • avatar image
    ReplySaha November 16, 2018

    6 paid games in list of best Android games??are you promoting these paid games for monetory benifits ?? Sasha

    • avatar image
      ReplyBrianNash November 17, 2018

      Hey Sasha No we are not promoting. It was just a coincidence that many paid games made into this list

  • avatar image
    ReplySalman November 16, 2018

    Pubg is undoubtedly one of the best games being played these days. I also play Pubg. It's kind of addiction. Thanks for this wonderful article as I didn't knew about these gamss. I never heard of these 9 games besides Pubg