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Top 10 Android Mobile Games of March 2019

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In the previous days, Gaming was described as sitting in a wooden chair with a giant LCD screen ahead and spending a lot of time in this setup. Then the whole scenario was changed and iOS took the gaming market. Since then Android was trying to do their best to get attention in the Gaming industry, but the graphics and the quality were not up to the mark.

Thankfully, those boring days are gone now. If we take a look in present days, there is a huge improvement in Android gaming. With the help of advanced hardware and software combination, Android gaming is now the most popular among people.

One intriguing pattern in Android gaming is that a few designers are porting several titles that debuted on PC Console over to Android. The rundown of Fantasy games that you can play on an android becomes longer every day, and now we have got the masterpieces like PUBG, Infinity OPS on Google Play.

It demonstrates that these games have strong ideas that can be deciphered crosswise over any platform, including Android, and it’s a demonstration of how far Android devices have come as gaming devices. It’s additionally super helpful to have your most loved games available whenever you have a free time.

Well, there are a lot of games on the Play Store, but these are the top Games which are worth to play and the most popular games of March 2019.

  1. PUBG Mobile

There is no surprise that PUBG MOBILE is top in our list. Thanks to the excellent graphics on mobile and unparalleled popularity. PUBG is being played all over the world. It was also the best android game in our Nov 2018 List of best Android Games. This is the most trending yet addictive game in India right now. This is a great P2P fight game consisting of 100 players, against one another on a huge island stacked with weapons, ammunition, and vehicles. The player can play as a solo, or join a team and should utilize all techniques to bring down your adversaries until the end of the match.
The designers have made the game for the users to get all the items which are required to play this game, and have likewise included bots to help the new players to increase their rank. Users can also reduce the graphics settings to get a smoother performance.

  1. HQ Trivia
Credit: HQ Trivia/Press

It is the application that begun the new trend of a live question and answer contest appears on your android. In HQ Trivia you just need to answer 12 live questions to be the winner. The daily cash prize is of $5,000 and for Sunday, users can get prizes worth of $25,000. It has transformed a local TV-host Scott Rogowski into a popular celebrity as he gives his best performance in this show. The application itself has consistently enhanced since propelling a year ago, with new highlights giving you a chance to play in multiplayer mode in the application. So what are you waiting for? Download this game and you might conceivably win some money through PayPal!

  1. Infinity OPS

Infinity OPS is a multiplayer individual shooter game that has a science fiction story behind it. The story of the game is pretty awesome. It will take you in future when the whole universe has slid into the tumult of extreme warfare. It has an extensive variety of combat tools like plasma rifles and devices like several jetpacks. Users can make their own group (squad) and enjoy the game. Regardless of whether you have low-quality android, there is a settings menu to downgrade graphics. The range and profundity of this game are amazing for a versatile shooter. You will experience the same gameplay as HALO.

  1. Clash Royale
Image Credit: Supercell

Clash Royale is the successor if previously launched most popular game- Clash of Clans. It’s a real-time multiplayer game where you can play solo or make a team with different players throughout the world. Various strategies to defense the Kings tower and the tough gameplay made this game one of the attractive and most played android game in the World. Clash Royale is the second game from Developer Supercell after Clash of Clans which earned $2 billion in revenue.

  1. Shadowgun Legends
Image Credit : Android Police

There is a different category of gamers, who don’t like to play Battle Royale games. For them, Shadowgun legend is probably the best option. Here the player has to fight with the Aliens and loot their money. Players can select different weapons, armors and also team up with friends. In the multiplayer mode, there is an option to play a real-time battle.

  1. Evoland 2
Credits : Windows Central

In 2015, Evoland was released in the gaming community. After its huge success, Evoland 2 Android Game made its debut. This is an awesome sequel of the previous version. In the total 20 hours of gameplay, users will experience great graphics and a typical RPG game. The story is brilliant. Evoland 2 is definitely recommended to everyone.

  1. The Room: Old Sins

This mind-blowing game The Room – Old Sins is especially for the Gamers, who like puzzle games. Old Sins is the latest puzzle game of the award-winning ‘The Room’ game series. There are different rooms with different puzzles to find the missing engineer and his wife. If you have not played this particular game series yet, then get ready to experience stunning graphics and audio quality with great gameplay.

  1. Stranger Things: The Game

In case if you have missed the news, BonusXp Inc. released Stranger Things super cool game for iOS and Android mobile phones. This is a retro style game with full of adventure ahead. The overall gameplay is pretty well and the controls and settings are well optimized for Android devices. So, download the game, and get ready to play as a chief of police in your city.

  1. Pokémon Go

If you have ever heard about Pokémon’s or watched it on TV, then you should play their official game ‘Pokémon Go’. It was released in 2016. Since then it gains its popularity and became the most played game in android. By using your current location and camera, this game will help you to catch the monsters.

  1. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a great puzzle game. For the beautiful graphics and smooth processing, this game was in trending list for many days. Even now, the game is most popular for its mysterious, meditative gameplay. Those who love optical illusions would definitely love this game.

Above mentioned are the top 10 games for the android users for this month March 2019. Since the last few years, there is a lot of development and updating going on in the Android gaming industry. So, if we have a low-end Android and want to enjoy a multiplayer game or puzzle ones, we should consider these sure.

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