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Apple Watch Series 4 Review – Pros and Cons, Specifications

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The apple watch series 4 is the best thing launched in this techno-savvy realm. Although at the time of launch of Apple watch in 2015, there was a lot of buzz. People primarily considered it as the fitness tracking device but with the passage of time, it became evident that it is the most effective accessory offered by Apple to its customers. Nonetheless, it does bear a high cost. The Apple watch 4 series with GPS is sold for $384, whereas the cellular model of the watch is for $499. The question remains “is it worth buying?”. Of Course, it is! Here is our review of Apple Watch Series 4

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Design evolution

The design of the watch is familiar yet it has been subtly improved. It is 44mm broad but the most evident is the decrease in the thickness of the watch. The difference might be as little as 0.7mm but it makes a huge difference in the impact of the watch on the wrist.

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The parts and controls have been installed in a convenient method. The microphone is, now, placed between the digital crown and the newly installed side button. It minimises disruptions in calls. The speaker also has been improved to be fifty percent louder. It makes an impact difference during hand free calls.

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The new kinesthetic communication through digital crown is another example of convenient evolution. The bumps that tremble your fingertip are minute yet they transfer the depth during scrolling.

The only element through which the fashion compliments itself is through the finishes. The apple watch provides options to choose between aluminium (matte finished), Stainless steel (polished), silver, space grey, and Gold. The silicone sports bands are also available, with the Velcro sports loops, Milanese loops, and range of leather straps, Nike, and Hermes straps.

Fineness smartwatch Display

Though one thing that is certain about the new watch series is its amazing apple watch display. The splendid OLED panel merges to life upon slightest tilt. It gives the glimpse that the colors are oozing out of the corners of the glass.

The rather, 30 percent larger panel is effectively utilised by the two interfaces of the watch. One is the circular “infograph” design that displays four elements inside the dial and four at the edges, the other is the “Modular” that displays two complications on the displays. In addition, there are new motion interfaces of the watch, fire, water, and vapor.

Focus on Health

Health and fitness tracking have improved drastically since the first apple watch. The primary improvement is the ECG app and the Atrial fibrillation app. The Atrial Fibrillation app will notify when there are five irregular heartbeats.  This is a drastic way forward that a watch on your wrist can notify you about your heart rate disruptions. The accelerometer is improved and upgraded to 32 g forces. In case you fell the watch will accurately detect it and send an SOS text.

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The water resistance of the new Apple watch is up to 50 meters which means it can be worn during swimming. After that, it does spit out the water.

Battery life

The increase in the display screen, effective sensors and processor can lead you to believe that the battery life has also been improved. Though the battery inside the model is larger in size there is not much increase in the timing. The battery life of series 4 apple watch is 18 to 20 hours on a full charge. There is not a drastic improvement in battery life in comparison to series 3.


The apple Watch Series 4 (GPS and cellular) is compatible with an iPhone 6 or an advanced version of iOS 12 or upgraded. Apple Watch series 4 (GPS) is compatible with iPhone 5s and iOS 12 or upgraded. It is important that the service provider is the same of Apple Watch and Apple Iphone

Pros and Cons of Apple Watch Series 4

   Pros    Cons
  • Gorgeous display with stunning animations for watch faces
  • Class-leading build quality
  • It could save your life with fall and arrhythmia detection
  • Lightweight design
  • Louder speaker
  • More accurate and advanced health sensors (ECG and atrial fibrillation)
  • Improved performance

  • Quite expensive
  • Siri not effective
  • Heart screening tools remain an unknown, even if promising in concept
  • Minimal battery life improvements
  • No advanced sleep tracking
  • No support for third party watch faces
  • No always-on display option


All the wearables lie between wearable OS and fashion staples. Likewise, the Apple watch is all-inclusive, nonetheless more polished in contrast to any other smartwatch available in the market. The apple watches were initiated as fashion staple but now are more focused towards health and wellbeing.

Although, the watch is extremely pricey. One can dislike it or just digest the fact that the type of cohesion, excellence, and integration is what you are paying for, which is not provided by someone else.

Clearly, Apple Watch series 4 truly deserves to accommodate the space on your wrists as well as the attention you provide.


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