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60 Second Panic Solution Review

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What is 60 Second Panic Solution™?

Heart pounding, cold sweat, lack of air, no control over your body… These are only a few symptoms panic and anxiety attack sufferers experience frequently. Such occurrences may appear to only be a mood change when in fact you are physically and mentally dealing with so much more. You may feel like the attacks keep becoming worse and worse, and you are merely running in circles trying to understand how to solve the problem. You are not able to truly enjoy every day activities because you cannot help but wonder when panic and anxiety feelings may overwhelm you yet again. Fear happens in most mundane situations, without any explanation rhyme or reason. You may choose to go the prescription drugs route, but they do not truly help. Actually, they mask and postpone the issue and do not get to the root of the problem, they just numb it out. Not to mention how harmful the side effects of these drugs can be. People end up in much worse condition than they were in before getting on the drug.

What if we told you it is possible to get instant relief, anywhere, anytime? You can be free from panic and anxiety attacks in 60 seconds through an easy and simple program that has proven to be extremely effective. With the help of 60 Second Panic Solution™ created by Ms. Anna Gibson-Steel, you can understand the true cause of panic attacks and stop them before they reoccur without any doctor bills, harmful medicine, or expensive therapy. She claims that instead of trying complicated and lengthy therapies, doctors now recommend her program to patients who come to their own patients! It is a step-by-step, 60 seconds a day, 21 days program that will make you feel at ease once again.

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Who is the author of 60 Second Panic Solution?

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Anna Gibson-Steel is an Ireland-based licensed therapist, an awarded author, a wife, mother of two, and a former panic attack sufferer. She went on to become the Founder and CEO of the Holistic Center of Excellence, and holds numerous Energy Medicine, as well as Holistic and Mental Health trainings. She now is not only attack-free, but specializes in panic attacks, anxiety, and depression among many other subjects, and offers her help to people with the same issues as she once experienced.

Ever since her private practice showed such amazing results on her anxiety and panic program, Anna decided to make her system available to people all over the world through her 60-Second Panic Solution™ product. It is already the #3 rated anxiety relief program on, a performance marketing website for Entrepreneurs. 60-Second Panic Solution™ is a direct result of more than 7 years of Anna’s dedicated research that has already helped 2,015 of her clients through her private practice in Ireland. She is proud to claim that 99% of her clients do not return after the initial session and now enjoy their anxiety-free lives, since the program she teaches is learned quickly and practiced independently.

What are the benefits of this product?

The 60-Second Panic Solution™ ensures a completely easy, natural, and safe way to solve panic and anxiety attacks. In her program, Anna explains that the root cause of attacks is so deep, it is ingrained in the center for primitive survival instincts in our brains. Sometimes these instincts for unknown reasons trigger us to feel anxious or panicked even when there is no actual threat. The only way to get relief is to understand how to control this survival instinct.

Everyone experiences panic and anxiety differently. They vary from fear of heights, phobias or irrational fears, feeling scared of public speaking, and fear that you are losing control to body tremors, shaking, and any other symptoms and side effects that many of us do not comprehend. Because it is so simple, Anna’s program translates across the board regardless of the form and severity of anxiety or panic, and successfully helps people all ages and backgrounds. Her youngest patients were only 5 years old, and no less successful than any other of her counselees!

Hiccups, just as anxiety attacks, can be categorized into involuntary reflexes. Since hiccups come from the same center of the brain for fears and survival instinct, Anna brings up a really good point in her program: “If you got the hiccups – which are really just another kind of glitch in the same ancient part of your brain – would you try to ‘reason’ with them?”. Even though anxiety attacks are much more serious than hiccups, to stop both of these issues you need to find a way for your body to send messages to your brain that there is no need to panic, just as you do by holding your breath or drinking water.

It takes Anna about 20 minutes to explain a method that will take you 60 seconds to repeat. This is a routine based on ancient Chinese medicine and has been practiced for thousands of years across the globe. Anna calls this principle Neuro-Activation Therapy™ that requires you to use your index finger and thumb together with the creative power of your mind to visualize a specific scenario she gives you. She argues that there is a strong connection between our body and mind, and she finds that the index finger and thumb connect the body to most primitive part of our brain that triggers survival instincts. Not only does she show you how to get instant relief from panic and anxiety attacks, but she also gives you the three week system called “Thought Patrol” to completely rid yourself of such feelings. She not only focuses on the fear you are currently experiencing, but also teaches you how to cope with life stresses as you will come across them inevitably. This program ends up reshaping your outlook on life completely.

As many people before you, you will regain control over your body and mind and once again, you will feel energetic and confident. You will be aware and present in your daily activities, focused on your family, friends, work, and hobbies, instead on fear of the reoccurring episodes of anxiety and panic. You will be able to enjoy calm and deep sleep. Anna’s program does not include taking any supplements, medicine, going to therapy, or meditating. It is a few simple techniques that have the ability to improve your life tremendously!

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How Does 60 Second Panic Solution™ Work?

Anna shows you facts you have not noticed about your panic attacks, explains how these details are in fact the key to solving this issue, helps you learn to recognize the attack, teaches you step-by-step how to master this technique, and reveals how to never allow fear to overcome you again. You can take Anna’s program with you anywhere, from reading it in PDF files and watching her videos, to listening to her on your mp3 audio player. It is compatible with any desktop and laptop computers, tablets, phones, and all devices that can open e-book files and play videos, so you can access this information quickly and conveniently.

The program costs $67.95 and is purchased online at Anna’s page found in references below. You get instant online access to download the product that is offered in many different forms, as well as lifetime updates to the system. In addition, you can try the program for 60 days, backed by what she calls the Triple Money Back Guarantee. This means you can get your full order refunded if you have not succeeded at stopping your anxiety or for any other reason relevant to the program, without any hassle.

60 seocnd panic solution review

60 Second Panic Solution Review

Is 60 Second Panic Solution™ a Scam?

Yes, of course this offer may sound too good to be true to many of us. A large number of people experienced the same initial doubts you are now. After trying various different methods of anxiety and panic relief, who could blame you for being cautious? If lengthy therapies and medicine did not help, how is it possible to get instant relief, anywhere, anytime, you may wonder? We invite you to go over Anna’s website and do more research on the product, and assure you that at the very least you will be intrigued. You will find numerous reviews and articles on this subject, and we have included some resources for you below as well. We are also positive that after reading all these success stories and understanding Anna’s background, you will want to get your anxiety-free life back as well.



As with many other products and services that have proven to be successful, you may come across fraudulent offers online that look like the actual 60 Second Panic Solution™ packet. You may get directed to web pages for hidden reasons, see different types of offers that are claiming to be affiliated with Anna Gibson-Steel products, or given free samples and downloads. Be aware that there is only one 60 Second Panic Solution™ program with a fixed pricing of $52.14 and a 100% money back guarantee. The actual product can only be purchased online at the official web page of the program found below.

Anna discovered this simple and natural method, used it herself, and now she is sharing it to benefit you and the rest of the world. You can be free from panic and anxiety attacks in 60 seconds, and for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the results you will get your full refund – no questions asked. It is a safe and simple process that will make you feel at ease. Now instead of wondering why you should risk it and test yet another method, listen to that little voice inside you that says: “Why not?” It cannot be considered taking a risk if the only thing you can lose are your anxiety and panic attacks. You have so much to gain from Anna’s 60 Second Panic Solution™ program, and all you need to do is try.

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